Mentholatum Lano Soft Lipbalm


dsc_0833It’s been years since I used any skincare with lanolin in it. I don’t see many products with lanolin in them any more so it was a surprise to see Mentholatum Lano Soft Lipbalm. Its new formulation uses Premium Pharmaceutical Grade Lanolin and Essence Extract that is purified using Japan’s cutting-edge purification technology.

Lanolin naturally derives from sheep wool which is highly emollient and functions as an effective moisturiser. The waxy texture allows easy application with just a glide and upon application, the Lanolin seals-in moisture naturally thereby preventing it from drying out. It also absorbs moisture from the air, thus moisturising the lips while rejuvenating it.


With Lano Soft, you can enjoy the following:

  • Moisturising – Apart from Lanolin, it also contains superior natural moisturising ingredients such as Jojoba Oil, Argon Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil and Rosemary Leaf Extract that deeply moisturise lips and improve the appearance of fine lines.
  • High Protection – No matter what the weather condition is, your lips are protected with Lano Soft. Lanolin contains cholesterol which is especially important for the skin’s barrier function. It forms a protective barrier on the lips to nourish and protect it from the dry, cold and harsh weather conditions.
  • Gentle and Soft – Not only does Lano Soft feels gentle and soft on your skin, it also helps your lips stay soft and moisturised. It is free from artificial fragrance and colourant and also mild with low irritation.

Maybe my lips are too dry but I didn’t find the hydrating properties that long-lasting. However, lips are instantly softened and soothed.

 Mentholatum Lano Soft Lipbalm retails at RM19.50.

Product reviewed is a press sample