Melvita KLCC Has Officially Opened


Since the last time I visited Melvita, the flagship outlet has officially opened on 25th October, 2011. This will be followed by the opening of Melvita at F141, 1st Floor of 1 Utama (near Watsons) this Sunday, 20th November, 2011.

Present at the grand opening of Melvita’s KLCC outlet were Mr. Bernard Chevilliat, the founder of Melvita and Ms. Estelle de Bure, Brand General Manager, Asia Pacific. The KLCC outlet occupies a retail floor space of 500 square feet and offers a complete range of skincare inlcuding their best-selling signature products, Floral Waters, Floral Bouquet, Beauty Oils and many more.

On my 2nd visit to the outlet recently, I was able to spend more time at the outlet than during my 1st visit which was too hurried. I’ll feature some of the products here which you may find to be of interest. The skincare caters to all skin types and concerns.

Beauty Oils

These oils are obtained from the first cold pressing of carefully selected seeds, fruits or roots and contain the active nutrients specific to each plant.

Avocado Oil (50ml/RM70) is a natural anti-ageing treatment recommended for dry and delicate skin specifically for the eye contour, neck and stretch marks.

Borage Oil (50ml/RM120) is exceptionally rich in gamma-linolenic acid (20% to 25%), a fatty acid. It is a repairing oil well-known for its anti-ageing qualities, restoring the skin’s youthfulness, softness and elasticity.

Calendula Oil (50ml/RM107) is suitable for delicate, irritated and sensitive skins.

Jojoba Oil (50ml/RM86) is for repairing and softening, this oil can be used on face, hair and body as its features are remarkably similar to human sebum. It protects against skin dehydration and ageing.

Sweet Almond Oil (50ml/RM77) is naturally rich in Vitamins A and E for softening and moisturizing the driest of skins.

Out of all the Beauty Oils, Ximenia Oil (30ml/RM120) interests and intrigues me the most mainly because I’d never even heard of the ximenia fruit until I came across this oil. This oil is extracted from the kernel of a fruit that grows on a thorn bush on the African savannah, from Namibia to Zimbabwe.

It is said to have remarkably repairing and protecting properties and used for face, body and hair care, making the skin extremely soft and pleasantly silky. It helps to prevent the premature ageing of dry and dehydrated skin.

Young Skin Range

There are 7 products in this range and no, it isn’t just for young skin. It’s the organic solution to combination/oily and acne-prone skin. Melvita has chosen birch sap as the key ingredient for this range, in combination with other natural active ingredients for their purifying. soothing, anti-oxidizing, moisturizing and repairing properties. These are a few products in the range:-

Foaming Cleansing Gel (200ml/RM98) combines the regenerating, purifying properties of zinc lactate and lavender with the powerful purifying qualities of tea tree to clean the skin deep down, while birch sap and witch hazel moisturize and soften the skin.

The Skin Tonic (200ml/RM95) advantageously combines the astringent properties of lavender and witch hazel floral waters with hydrolated peppermint to perfectly cleanse the skin. Rice powder gives the skin a matte, velvet touch, while birch sap, honey vinegar and agave syrup gently purify and moisturize.

The Sebum Balancing Fluid (50ml/RM128) is a light, non-oily Fluid which moisturizes, helps balance oil production, is non-comedogenic, and is designed specifically for skin that suffers from temporary blemishes.

The Clay Mask (100ml/RM95) combines the absorbent action of white Clay (15%) with the purifying properties of sage, tea tree, zinc, wasabi and copaiba balm. The combination of birch sap, ginger and orange, with moisturizing, soothing properties, make the skin feel softer and more comfortable. This treatment is particularly suitable for skins that show signs of blemishes.

Starter Kits

There are some starter kits which are just perfect if you want a sampling of products from a certain range.

There are 2 more smaller sets, each retails at RM49. I think they will make excellent gifts for the upcoming festive season.


The 1st set contains products from the Bio-Excellence range (for all skin types and those concerned about the 1st signs of aging) and the 2nd set contains products from the Nectar De Rose range (for delicate skins).

There are too many products to feature all in one post so I’ll be bringing you more in another post.