Guest Review : Sephora Oh My Chérie Clutch Manicure Set


It’s looking a lot like Christmas is this month at Sephora with a lot of festive sets and products from Sephora’s own brand. One of the products I’ve received for review is Sephora’s Oh My Chérie Clutch Manicure Set which I have passed on to Fatin for her review.



From Sephora’s Holiday Collection, Oh My Chérie comes a chic Clutch Manicure Set. The packaging is adorned in stylish retro polka dots which I find super fun and sexy. Since tis the party season, you simply have to make sure you look gorgeous from head to toe, including your nails.

Oh My Chérie Manicure Set has the perfect tools to give your nails a near professional finish. Tucked in a luxe velvety black clutch are a pair of nail scissors, a nail file, a cuticle pusher and clippers and a 4-stage buffer. The clutch is approximately 5″x3″ in size.

Nail Scissors

It’s well aligned and takes off the bits at the tip of the nail with ease after filing. Not that sharp though.

Nail File

An indispensable tool in this kit! This has a fine grit. It doesn’t feel like I’m taking off my whole nail, it’s just enough to file down and perfectly shape it. Smoothens out rough edges well too. I like it.

Cuticle Pusher and Clippers

The rubber tip cuticle pusher does a pretty decent job at pushing back the cuticles. If your cuticles are thick use cuticle oil to soften it first, makes it easier to push it back. The clippers is sharp enough to cut straight and clean for those unsightly bits by the side of the nails. Careful when using it though, you don’t want to clip into the sides too deep.

4-stage buffer

I think it meant to say 4-sided buffer as it only has 2 steps to it. Buff and Polish. It does a good job at smoothening the nail surface of any ridges. Great to prepare it for a pop of colour. This buffer however does not shine.

This manicure set is slim enough to bring it along for travelling or even chucking it in your bag for those just in case moments. Actually I would get it just for the chic clutch case!

Avalaible at Sephora outlets in KL for RM88.

Fatin’s Note: Product provided by Juniper’s Journal for review.
Editor’s Note : Thanks to Fatin for the review and pics.