Media Preview Of Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaPort Bukit Bintang City Centre

Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaPort Bukit Bintang City Centre scheduled to open 20th January 2022
Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaPort Bukit Bintang City Centre scheduled to open 20th January 2022

It’s set to be a very popular shopping mall right in the middle of Kuala Lumpur. Yes, I am referring to Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaPort Bukit Bintang City Centre or as everyone will be calling just “LaLaport BBCC”. The management of LaLaport BBCC invited media members to a preview of the mall yesterday and although the majority of the shops have yet to open, I got a sense of what a different mall this will be from the existing ones.

Scheduled to commence operations on 20th Janaury 2022 (2 days away), LaLaport BBCC is the very first overseas retail facility in Southeast Asia by Mitsui Fudosan Co. Ltd. (“Mitsui Fudosan”). The mall boasts a wide range of restaurants and brands with some of the familiar names in Japan making their first appearance in Malaysia.

This LaLaport BBCC is Mitsui Fudosan’s second LaLaport shopping mall overseas after Misui Shopping Park LaLaport Shanghai Jinqiao. LaLaport BBCC has over 82,600sqm (est.) of floor sapce.

As a lifestyle-focused shopping mall originating from Japan, LaLaport BBCC aims to boost consumer confidence with its design that creates a new customer experience and incorporates Malaysia’s culture and trends while retaining a distinctive Japanese DNA.

Through its experience with the vast Japanese commercial network and long-standing track record, LaLaport BBCC will be bringing well-known brands in Japan such as NITORI, Nojima and JONETZ by DON DON DONKI. In addition, Star Child, a mursery school that incorporates Japanese-style childcare and intellectual education, will open its first facility here too.

LaLaport BBCC is also offering food experiences that have never been seen in shopping malls such as a first-ever or flagship store in Malaysia, from a previously Michelin-listed store to new concept dining by famous chefs – unique offerings include Shin’Labo, Marta’s Kitchen, Buena Brasa Gastropub, DONQ/Mini One, MATCHA EIGHT, YAKINIKU SIZZLE by YAKINIQUEST and countless others. Visitors will also be able to savour the taste of local restaurants that are household names in Malaysia.

The environment of the new shopping mall is aesthetically designed based on “Modern Simplicity” and “Japanese Flavour” design concepts. It features an interior design rooted in nature to provide a space where the public can do more than just shopping. LaLaport BBCC’s seamless indoor-outdoor design flow offers a place where shoppers and visitors to the mall can interact and spend an enriching time with friends and family.

"Grand Steps" that produces musical tunes
“Grand Steps” that produces musical tunes and lights up the night
Common walkways
Common walkways

The mall offers a variety of food scenes, including a large F&B floor that houses supermarkets and “Depachika Marche” where plenty of take-away foods are available, as well as a casual food court called “Cafeteria”, meeting the various demands of customers. Meanwhile, the “Gourmet Street” makes for a fresh al-fresco dining experience for shoppers while the large “Garden Dining” food court on Level 4 boasts a 1,400 seating capacity.

Visitors can also have an enjoyable and relaxing experience in LaLaport BBCC as the mall provides many event spaces such as its “Central Rooftop Garden” with a large site of approximately 1.700sqm that is surrounded by greenery and trees. The mall also has a unique event space located at the centre of Gourmet Street – “WOW PLAZA”, and an attraction next to the main entrance that features various forms of illumination in tandem with seasonal events = “Grand Steps”.

Mitsui Fudosan enhances transportation connectivity to further support BBCC’s urban development. Prioritizing the connectivity and road accessibility through three tunnels that lead to the car park directly as well as a network of pedestrian paths, it allows ingress and egress and from various directions. Direct access to Hang Tuah Station  on the LRT and KL Monorail lines makes it even easier to get into LaLaport BBCC.

There are approximately 400 tenants in LaLaport BBCC and 2,400 parking spots available.