Made In Samutprakarn : Yoko Yogurt Spa Milk Salt


During my recent jaunt to the Thailand Trade Show, the first stall I visited was one which sold Yoko skincare and bodycare products, there were body lotions, body butters, soaps and a selection of spa salts in 300g zip lock bags.

They came in 7 varieties – there were tamarind spa salt, papaya spa salt, cucumber spa salt, lavender spa milk salt, sakura spa salt, spa milk salt and yogurt spa milk salt (which I bought). There was also a special one for the armpit and bikini area (Whitening Spa Salt).

Actually, all the spa salts and spa milk salts purport to have whitening effects. The scents can be a bit cloying and strong for some. The Yogurt Spa Milk Salt contains Yogurt Extract, Vitamin B3, Collagen and Vitamin E.

All the spa salts look like the Sakura Spa Salt in the pic above, only the colours of each differ. After opening the packet, it’s best to pour the contents into a container as the zip lock bag doesn’t lock back (mine doesn’t anyway). Moreover, you wouldn’t want to dip damp fingers into the packet and risk melting the contents.

The instructions state “Pour Spa Salt on your hand. Rub gently in circular motion on wet skin, leave it on your skin for 3 minutes and then rinse off with clean water and clean with soap again”. 3 minutes is a long time to wait in the bath for me so I don’t have it on that long.

Nevertheless, the result is still smooth and soft skin after rinsing off the Spa Milk Salt. The granules are not harsh on my skin nor do I find the scent too pungent. However, I do think that the scent is rather artificial.

At RM8 for 300g of product, I can’t complain. It’s definitely affordable and it’s quite a nice and effective scrub but I haven’t seen any whitening effects yet. I also have my doubts about whether it can slow down the aging process, as claimed.

Just one more thing – some of you might be wondering where is Samutprakarn? It’s actually part of the Bangkok metropolis and Suvarnabhumi Airport is located in Samutprakarn Province.