Topvalu Cleansing Wipes With Oil


During the last AEON Wellness Pharmacy sale (where Jusco cardmembers can get 15% off pharmacy purchases), I spotted some Topvalu cleansing products. Topvalu is AEON’s house brand and its products at AEON Wellness were reasonably priced so they were worth a look.

The only other cleansing wipes with oil I’ve used were KAO Cleansing Wipes which are popular, judging from the way they fly off the shelves at pharmacies every time they are on discount. Cleansing wipes are great for those of us who are in a hurry or when you don’t have access to water.

These Topvalu Cleansing Wipes come in 2 types. with and without oil. I decided to try the one with oil as I thought it would be more effective. They come in 48 piece resealable packs, much like KAO Cleansing Wipe refill packs.

Topvalu Cleansing Wipes are rectangular shaped and it doesn’t feel as if they contain oil. It’s gentle on the eyes, doesn’t sting at all. Eyeshadows are removed without a trace but mascaras (even non-waterproof) are harder to remove. There is still some residue on my lashes which I need to remove with cotton buds soaked in eye make-up remover.

I use one side of the Cleansing Wipes for my eyes and the other side for the rest of my face. It doesn’t feel as if all make-up had been removed and I was right. When I applied toner over my face afterwards, there was some foundation/powder residue.

Compared to KAO Cleansing Wipes, I think that Topvalu Cleansing Wipes aren’t nearly as effective. Topvalu Cleansing Wipes remove approximately 80-90% of make-up whereas with KAO Cleansing Wipes, it’s more than 90%.

Pricewise though, Topvalu Cleansing Wipes are cheaper than KAO’s. Topvalu’s are priced at RM19.90 while KAO’s are RM25.90 (original price) for 48 piece refill and RM32.90 (original price) for a box of 48. KAO’s Cleansing Wipes are usually on 10% discount at the various pharmacies.