Luxuria Makeup Class & Intimate Tea Party



During the launch of Luxuria Cosmetics on Lazada, I won a voucher for Luxuria Makeup Class & Intimate Tea Party. No questions about it, of course I’d be attending. The venue was Lanson Place last Sunday afternoon and it was hosted by beautiful celebrity and actress, Diana Danielle who graciously sent me a text message herself the night before the event. I couldn’t believe it was from her as some celebrities would probably ask their assistants to send the text.

What I didn’t expect was that this would truly be an intimate and informal event as Diana personally came down from her room and ushered her guests upstairs to the 45th floor of Lanson Place. Unlike other makeup workshops I have attended, this event was more like a girls’ afternoon where we could sit wherever we wanted (in the kitchenette, around the dining table or huge sofa) eat pizza and dessert first and chitchat with each other.

Conducting the workshop was the affable and very talented young Shafiqah Shafie or pinkboxcereal on Instagram. She is a former air stewardess and of course, her job stood her in good stead when it comes to proper grooming. She could definitely tell us a few things about skincare and makeup.


*ding dong* went the door bell a few times. Food delivery! First it was Domino’s pizza followed by desserts. I can see that Diana is very thoughtful to provide us with food and beverage before we get down to ‘business’. Diana is 8 months pregnant and glowing even without a trace of makeup. She’s truly a beauty both inside and out.




After our tea, Diana personally crushed a few bananas in the kitchenette for our DIY mask. Then she added some milk, this would be like a brightening mask. While she was making the mask, I had a bit of a tête-à-tête with her. A week ago, I would never have imagined I’d be talking to Diana like this.


We were all given a sheet of DIY mask which we wet and over this, we applied the banana and milk concoction. It’s like baby food. It’s nice to participate in a workshop where all the participants are so eager and enthusiastic to learn new tips.


I couldn’t resist taking a “wefie” with Diana as she has been so nice since I met her, she was the one who chose my card in the lucky draw and she’s so down-to-earth for a famous celebrity. I had to skip the makeup lesson but I thoroughly enjoyed my time at this Luxuria Makeup Class & Intimate Tea Party. Thanks Diana Danielle!