Lucky Eyeshadow Palette At Watsons Is Another Value For Money Palette


dsc_4332This morning, I checked out the number of Joyful eyeshadow palettes at Watsons Pavilion and there were plenty. The other value for money eyeshadow palette is the Lucky eyeshadow palette, also 12 eyeshadows but arranged a la Urban Decay Naked Palette style. Darker shades in this one than the Joyful palette and this palette is a bigger size therefore priced at RM34, before 8% members’ rebate.

dsc_4335dsc_4336The darkest shades (dark blue and black) at the extreme right of the palette didn’t look as good when swatched. This palette has cooler tones than the Joyful palette. I have a feeling the Joyful palette will sell out faster than this one, price is one factor but the shades is also another important factor.