My Beauty Find Of January 2019 : Joyful Eyeshadow Palette


dsc_4324There’s nothing like an unexpected beauty find when you least expect it. This is what happened to me this morning at a Watsons outlet. There was the Joyful eyeshadow palette with 12 eyeshadows. It’s a small and compact palette but comes with mirror and dual-ended applicator. I didn’t think it was something I would like but when I swatched it, the eyeshadows were smooth and had excellent colour pay-off.

dsc_4326dsc_4328dsc_4329dsc_4331Basically, this is an everyday palette which will delight anyone who loves neutral eye shades. There are variations of browns and bronzes with a mixture of metallic and matte textures. While some matte eyeshadows have poor colour pay-off, not the ones in this palette.

The most surprising thing about this palette is the price. It’s currently on 20% discount making it just RM29.50. Good price, you think? Further surprise. Watsons members get another 8% rebate. One of the Watsons staff came up to me while I was swatching and informed me that this palette had sold out (apparently only 5 units are allocated per store) and asked me to try the other Watsons outlet within walking distance.

Needless to say, I hurried over to the next Watsons outlet and luckily there were 3 units left. I grabbed one and paid RM27.15 after the 8% rebate had been applied. Still can’t believe the price for such quality!