Little Orbs Of Colour From MAC’s Semi Precious Collection

Jade’s Fortune & Hint Of Sapphire

The stars of MAC’s Semi Precious Collection are the 12 Mineralize Eyeshadows which look like orbs. Each eye shadow (even if they are the same colour) is unique as the veining in them makes the difference. You could get a completely different colour from eye shadows of the same colour, depending on the veining in each individual pan.

The 2 that I received for this review are Jade’s Fortune (Mélange Bright Yellow, Blue, Lime and Black) and Hint Of Sapphire (Mélange Pink, Violet, Teal, Copper and Blue). I thought that Jade’s Fortune would turn out quite green but due to the blue veining, the colour looks rather muddy. When I swatched Jade’s Fortune at Isetan Lot 10, the colour was more green than blue as it didn’t have as much blue veining as my sample. My Hint Of Sapphire looks very violet.

Colour pay-off is good whether I use my fingers or a brush. They look intense and so vivid when used wet. I have had a soft spot for MAC’s Mineralize Eye Shadows ever since I bought Gilt By Association Eye Shadow from their Style Black Collection in 2009.

When I looked at Jade’s Fortune in the pan, I really did expect more green to show up but what I got from my pan was gray. This is a case of “what you see is not what you get”. It’s okay if you like grays but I would have preferred more green.

As for Hint Of Sapphire, the violet is a pretty colour and complements any purple eye shadows you may have. The colours are long-lasting and I didn’t need an eye shadow primer to get the kind of intensity you see in the pics above.

The Semi Precious Mineralize Eye Shadows are 3.2g (they do last for ages!) and retail at RM85.

Note : Products were provided by PR for review.