Juniper’s Jaunt To Thailand Trade Show 2011


Today is the first day of Thailand Trade Show 2011 held at Hall 1, Mid Valley Exhibition Center. There are exhibitors displaying all sorts of wares from The Land of Smiles, ranging from fabrics, food, jewelry to beauty and spa products.

At the entrance to Hall 1, a winsome lady was painting paper parasols, the parasols come in such a wonderful myriad of colours that it was a delight to just stop and stare at each lovely design. Simply eye-catching!

There are exhibitors displaying fabrics and food. The are fruit and vegetable carving demonstrations. The candy on display looks mouth-watering. There weren’t any for sampling (what a pity!).

Then there are the beauty and spa products exhibitors with natural soaps galore! One of the soap exhibitors is Soap Villa whose soaps sell for RM18 per bar (100g) and there is a value set of 5 mini soaps (25g each) for RM20 per set. They have body soaps made of Tamarind, Clove, Mung Bean, Mangosteen, Moringa and Tomato as well as Shampoo Bar Soaps made of Butterfly Pea (for reducing hair loss), Acacia (for promoting hair growth), Kaffir Lime (Anti-Dandruff) and Olive (helps restore and retain hair health).

Some of the exhibitors are from Bangkok’s famous Jatujak Market. Inlovespa is one of them, their bar soaps were selling for RM10 each and they had 300gm tubs of body scrubs in various scents such as mangosteen, coconut and lemongrass ginger selling at RM35 each.

Another exhibitor with some very colourful soaps:-

Admission to the Trade Show is free.