Limited Edition SEKKISEI 30th Anniversary Kit


SEKKISEI 30th anniversary kit

Japanese women have revered the importance of skin translucency for generations. Clarity is one of the key aspects of skin perfection; the ultimate goal lies in achieving a soft, diffused effect – just like snow.

There’s just something about snow that’s so romantic. From the way each snowflake gently floats down from the skies, to its pristine clarity that seems to radiate a gentle glow from deep within… KOSÉ brought the concept of skin translucency to life on May 16, 1985, with the introduction of SEKKISEI. Created with the goal of helping women attain bright, translucent skin as pure as fresh snow, the name SEKKISEI comprises three Chinese characters – 雪 (snow), 肌 (skin) and精 (essence) – something that was considered ‘refreshing’ at a time when most product names were Westernised. This name was carefully-chosen to enable the SEKKISEI Lotion to be used over a long period of time, passed down as a beauty legacy from mother to daughter.

Another SEKKISEI signature is the brand’s blue bottle, featuring the same design that has been maintained for 30 years. Evocative of old medicinal bottles, the beautiful azure colour, accentuated with the pure white SEKKISEI logo, is a testament to KOSÉ’s devotion to long-term perfection. Designed to fit perfectly in a woman’s hand, the SEKKISEI bottle is infused with the hope of granting beautifully-translucent, hydrated fair-as-snow skin to as many women as possible around the world with the power of Oriental plant extracts. The semi-opaque bottle is also shaped in such a way so that it looks like a snowflake when seen from below.

Since its release in 1985, approximately 48 million bottles of SEKKISEI Lotion have been sold, with women around the world purchasing over 5,000 bottles a day on average. If all the bottles sold were laid on their sides, they would span a distance of 7,561 km, equivalent to 854 Mt. Everests!

The secret of SEKKISEI Lotion lies in its ‘translucency recipe’, which contains about 100 types of Oriental plants, each carefully-selected to help skin attain its natural glow. At the same time, skin is pampered with comfort that feels so pure and gentle, so that women are able to enjoy the benefits of SEKKISEI every day.

This year, SEKKISEI turns 30. As a trusted brand adored by legions of fans worldwide, it is only fitting that celebrations be carried out in typical SEKKISEI fashion. To celebrate three decades of translucent perfection, KOSÉ Malaysia introduces the Limited Edition SEKKISEI 30th Anniversary Kit in conjunction with SEKKISEI’s birthday, comprising a SEKKISEI Lotion (360ml) and an exclusive SEKKISEI Body Soap (360ml), which is only available together with the kit.

SEKKISEI 30th anniversary lotion 360ml

The SEKKISEI Lotion is undeniably the brand’s bestselling product, and rightfully so. Refreshing, light and yet incredibly nourishing, the lotion balances out skin’s moisture levels, prevents dullness caused by dryness, banishes roughness and alleviates reddening caused by sunburn. The cloudy white lotion blends instantly into the skin, just like melting snow, leaving behind a silky-smooth, hydrated surface. The result: beautifully-translucent skin with a cushiony texture that appears poreless.

A main trio of Oriental plant extracts work tirelessly to give you results while caring gently for your skin:

Coix Seed – extracted from the seeds of plants originating from China and Indochina, Coix Seed extract prevents skin roughness and improves dullness, keeping skin healthy and fair.
Angelica – this plant grows in mountainous areas among rocks, and is used to give skin a fine texture, making it smooth, soft and silky.
Melothria (White Lotus) – extracted from the roots of Melothria, this ingredient moisturises skin down to the stratum corneum, creating a beautiful, translucent and hydrated canvas.

To top it off, SEKKISEI Lotion has a mild, fresh floral fragrance with top notes of rose and jasmine, blended with relaxing chamomile. Every application is a sensory treat, as both skin and senses are pampered at the same time.

Tips for Instant Hydration & Translucent Skin

How to: After cleansing, pour SEKKISEI Lotion generously onto a cotton pad and pat gently on face. The watery texture instantly cools and refreshes skin.

Quick SEKKISEI Beauty Tips: For instant hydration, translucent and radiant looking skin, place a compressed mask into the cap, pour in SEKKISEI Lotion till the mask is all puffed and wet. Place the mask and cover your face entirely for 5 to 10 minutes. Remove the mask and look hydrated instantly!

SEKKISEI 30th anniversary body soap 360ml

The SEKKISEI Body Soap features the same Oriental herbal essence of Coix Seed, Angelica and Melothria, similar to SEKKISEI Lotion. This is the first time SEKKISEI introduce a body soap after 30 years of developing advance skin care – this complimentary body soap is a special feature that come together exclusively with the Limited Edition SEKKISEI 30th Anniversary Kit. It transforms into a rich, dense foam that removes impurities, giving you smooth, translucent and beautiful skin. Quick and easy to lather up, the body soap is a treat for shower time, with its gentle and refreshing modern floral scent that is commonly used across the SEKKISEI product range.

How to: Apply directly to damp skin or lather up with a body towel/sponge. Massage into skin and cleanse as usual. Rinse off well.

Mr. Masaaki Hara, Managing Director of KOSÉ Malaysia, expressed his thoughts on how far SEKKISEI has come since its introduction into the skincare market. “Japanese women pride themselves on taking good care of their skin. When SEKKISEI was first launched, that was what KOSÉ had in mind – to create a product that would help them achieve translucent, smooth skin easily and gently. Now, SEKKISEI is available in 15 countries and regions around the world, so women can easily enjoy the benefits of Oriental herbal ingredients, no matter where they are.”

“We’ve come a long way since 1985, but SEKKISEI has withstood the test of time. Even now, women still appreciate and love the signature blue bottle. Because of SEKKISEI, we’ve managed to put Oriental beauty ingredients such as Coix Seed, Angelica and White Lotus on the world map. With the 30th Anniversary Kit, I hope that even more Malaysian women will be able to see and feel the SEKKISEI difference for themselves, so that they can have flawless skin from top to toe,” he continued.

The SEKKISEI 30th Anniversary Kit (Limited Edition) is priced at RM249, and is available at KOSÉ counters from 1st September 2015 onwards.


SEKKISEI, which originated from Japan has been trusted and adored by a great number of women since its release in 1985. As a pioneer in whitening skincare, SEKKISEI is committed to help women attain bright and translucent skin with glowing radiance, just like fresh snow.

SEKKISEI products are designed and created for skin translucency. They harnesses the power of Oriental Herb extracts, which are carefully-selected from about 100 different herbs. Much research had been conducted to develop SEKKISEI, and to achieve the fine balance between oil and water content to result in its fine-textured lotion. Its fine texture, hydrated “snow-white” skin effect has made it KOSÉ’s best-selling product, with more than 48 million bottles of SEKKISEI Lotion sold since its release 30 years ago.

SEKKISEI is available in 15 countries around the world. It will continue to provide high quality products and inspire women around the world to have beautiful and radiant skin.