More Layers Of Mystery Revealed In Each Episode Of Korean Drama High Class


d4c899e4d6ae4c2ca2553bcd70428021Every parent wants the best for their child and if one can afford the best education for their child, then a private school on Jeju Island may be the best option, for parents in Korea. It’s tough to get a spot in HSC International, the private school in “High Class” as the parent and child go through separate interviews and children are already expected to have a good level of English before they are accepted as a student there.

Song Yeo-ul, the former high-flying corporate lawyer has given up her career in order to spend more time with her son, Ahn Yi-chan who is 8 years old. She moves to Jeju Island where her husband (who apparently committed suicide while on a yacht with her during their wedding anniversary celebration) has a house. She has received an invitation from the private school to attend the interview. Although not proficient in English like the other students, Yi-chan get a spot.

However, Yi-chan is ostracised and bullied by the other students. His only friend is Hwang Jae-in, also 8 years old. Jan-in’s mother is Na-yoon who has moved from Hong Kong. Na-yoon is Yeo-ul’s only ally as Yeo-ul is also ostracised by the other mothers who know about the yacht incident and that Yeo-ul’s husband was involved in some embezzlement of funds from investors.

When Yeo-ul asks Na-yoon about her husband, Na-yoon vaguely tells her that she only sees her husband once or twice a year as he is busy travelling for work. Na-yoon is tight-lipped about her husband and it is soon revealed that Yeo-ul’s husband is also Na-yoon’s. Na-yoon is angry with Yeo-ul as she thinks that Yeo-ul murdered their husband. I think that doesn’t make sense as Yeo-ul would have had no motive/reason to murder her husband. She is more disadvantaged without her husband.


Yeo-ul’s biggest enemy is Nam Ji-seon, Hotel Locanda President & CEO. She is also HSC International School PTA Parent Representative and the other mothers follow her around like lapdogs. Ji-seon is seriously nasty and overbearing, she goes out of her way to make life difficult for Yeo-ul even though they live next door. Yeo-ul tries to get Yi-chan thrown out of school on the basis that his mother was a suspect in her husband’s disappearance.

I think that Yeo-ul is quite passive for a once hotshot lawyer. She does hire a private investigator though to look into a few things. Someone has been sending her text messages & a bouquet of flowers. The P.I. turns out to be Danny Oh or Oh Soon Sang (the name she calls the P.I.) who is the school’s ice hockey instructor.