Khoon Hooi Spring Summer 2016


A few days ago, I was at the Khoon Hooi Spring Summer 2016 show and it was such a delight to view his incredible designs as they are truly ethereally beautiful. This collection is a life painting of a meadow on a blank canvas , an abstract take on freedom and light. Khoon Hooi Spring Summer 2016 collection is named “gouache”.

Textures and prints are played in a harmonized, unique two-face combination and blends, with brocades, nylons, lace and raffia, like a brush mix on a colour palette. Brocade with a splatter print effect, gives the illusion of a meadow in distant view. Nylon dresses complete the summer collection with its lightness. The grassy element of a meadow is accentuated by the use of raffia, mixed with real (ostrich) feathers for a softer look.





This spring, Khoon Hooi emphasizes on the movement of fabrics. The back of dresses and tops are pleated to give volume, mimicking the petal folds of a Calla Lily. Skirts are draped asymmetrically and flow freely on wave seams. Inspired from wildflowers, these alien motifs of the floral beadwork of this collection are uniquely shaped and uniformly linked from crystal beads with a touch of futurism.