FOX Themed Breakout Room : Breakout Nu Sentral



For those of you interested in playing Breakout games, don’t miss out on the FOX Themed Breakout Room available exclusively at Breakout Nu Sentral. The Code Name: FOX Breakout room is a uniquely themed room featuring elements from selected FOX HD’s Same Day As The U.S. Shows. Shows featured are Marvel’s Agent Carter, The Walking Dead, Heroes Reborn, and The X-Files. The games is open to the public from 23 Jan – 23 Feb 2016.

The concept is very interesting as it blends in the elements in a fantasy world where some lines between these entities are mashed up into one big story. Players would have to play as a Heroes Reborn Character and begin mission.



Key highlights include props and printings to give the rooms in the game the similar feel as the series. A customized, never-seen-before puzzle has been specially designed and worked into the room for players’ ultimate experience.

One Weekly Winner to be chosen based on the fastest time to win exclusive Same Day As The U.S. merchandise and one Grand Prize Winner to be chosen from Weekly Winners to win Exclusive FOX HD Merchandise worth RM 800.00.