Therapeutic Treatments At Face Factors Clinic


Much as I love facials/spas/massages, I have only ever gone to places offering such services in areas I am familiar with. So when I was invited to try Face Factors Clinic’s Lymphatic Drainage Contouring Body Massage, the first thing that came to my mind was where is Solaris Dutamas?

No problem, there’s always Google. Well, as it turned out, Solaris Dutamas was much nearer than I thought and it wasn’t as if I was that unfamiliar with the territory. I guess most people know how to get to Jalan Duta either from Jalan Damansara or Jalan Kuching and after the turn-off leading to the North-South Highway, there’s a signboard indicating Sri Hartamas, just turn left there and you’re on Jalan Dutamas. After the first set of traffic lights, you’ll see Solaris Dutamas (a massive block of shophouses so you can’t miss it) on your right. You’ll know you’ve arrived when you see the landmark, Pappa Rich.

Face Factors Clinic is a premier aesthetic and wellness clinic which offer a range of services ranging from advanced aesthetic and anti-aging solutions, unique body treatments, hand and nail therapies. You can avail yourself of services such as Mesotherapy, Placenta Therapy, Vitamin C Therapy + Glutathione, Glycolic Peel and Cosmelan Peel for Pigmentation.

Cellulite isn’t one of my main body issues, thankfully. However, I was curious about the massage. Would it be different from other I’d tried before? Once I got to the Block where Face Factors Clinic is located, there was no problem finding the Clinic but what I didn’t realise upon stepping out of the lift was that there are 2 entrances to the Clinic. Once you step out of the lift, you should turn right and then left towards the front entrance of the Clinic. I turned left and then right, ending up at the Clinic’s back entrance. There was no sign board there but the address was correct and since there was a doorbell, I buzzed and one of the therapists let me in. She had to unlock the door with keys, those in the know know that this isn’t the used entrance, of course.

As you enter (the back entrance, that is), you’ll be in the manicure area. There’s a consultation room for the aesthetic physician. there are 2 rooms for the body treatments which have a single bed each, the 2 rooms have separate entrances but are divided by a curtain.






Ushered into one of the body treatment rooms, I was instructed to change into a disposable bra and panties. The 2 therapists who attended to me are from Cebu and Mindanao in The Philippines. They were solicitous and attentive throughout the entire two-hour process.

The session began with a lemongrass aromatherapy scrub for cleansing the body which was patted down with towels. Next, cellulite essential oil was applied and Himalayan rock salt scrub was applied over it. My body was covered with plastic sheets and a heated blanket over it.

During the half-hour “baking” process for eliminating toxins and opening up pores for the massage treatment, one of the therapists used pressure point massage on my scalp. It was nice to have someone in the room with me as I was sweating profusely. Still, sweating this way is preferable to sitting in a steam bath/sauna as I think that’s more torturous.

As I sweated, the Himalayan rock salt scrub melted. Himalayan rock salt is said to be good for detoxification purposes. It didn’t feel that uncomfortable, the only minor discomfort being from the weight of the blanket on my legs. The therapist had thoughtfully placed a pillow underneath my legs.

The half hour went past sooner than I expected. I don’t mind being cocooned in warmth, it’s cold I can’t stand. The 2 therapists rubbed the salt scrub into my body and I could see my skin was glistening. After they’d cleansed my skin using warm towels, my skin was super smooth and soft.

Next it was massage time and so the 2 therapists applied cellulite essential oil to each part of my body as they went along. It’s indescribable how indulgent it is to have 2 therapists working on your aching joints simultaneously. It isn’t special for me, apparently anyone who takes this treatment will also have 2 therapists massaging them during the session.

There are 2 other esesential oils used during this treatment, the other 2 being Slendering Oil (for those with serious and stubborn fat issues) and Detox Oil (for those who are slim but need to detox). The rationale behind having 2 therapists massaging at the same time is to improve the speed of blood circulation.

The therapists employed a style of massage very different from massages I have received elsewhere. They used their palms a lot to slide up and down my skin in quick motions. This encourages lymphatic drainage and helps drain out excess water in the system. They said that if I had a lot of toxins in my body, certain areas of my body (like near the knees and thighs) would be painful when they massaged. In my case, I was lucky as they said they could feel that I didn’t have an issue with excess toxins. I didn’t feel any pain nor discomfort either as they massaged away.

I loved their style of massage, it gave a slight heating sensation and really helped relax my muscles. There was a bit of pummelling to the back of my legs but that didn’t hurt either. It was a therapeutic relaxing massage as they concentrated on areas that needed firming (like my bum!) and they got a lot of wind out of my tummy area too. The therapist used her palms on my stomach and in a cupping motion, seemed to suck away the wind.

To see results such as cellulite reduction, it is recommended to go for this treatment twice a week for a month. The best part of this treatment is the massage. My blood circulation and lymphatic flow must have improved much as my body felt warm for hours afterwards.

After the treatment, I was advised to drink more water (have to replenish the gallon or so lost during the wrap-up), drink only lukewarm water and bathe only after 6 hours had passed (pores are open and fat continues to burn with the cellulite oil still on skin) so it’s better to have this treatment as early in the day as possible. The therapists said I’d have a very sound sleep that night. They were absolutely right as I didn’t stir once during the night.

The Lymphatic Drainage Contouring Body Massage is RM350 and their current promotion is purchase 10 sessions and get 5 free. The sessions can be shared with a friend. Last month, they had a purchase 1, get 1 free promotion. What a pity it’s over, that would have been too tempting to pass up.

Face Factors Clinic is located at D3-G4-2, No. 1, Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas, Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur. It’s actually easy to find once you realise that it’s the left turn just before the turn-off to the Government Complex, Court Complex and Wilayah Persekutuan Mosque. For more information on their services, visit their Facebook page or call 03-6205 3508.

They are open everyday from 10am-9pm but opening hours are later on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month. They are also flexible with time, willing to accommodate if you need to have a treatment at 9.30am. Overall, service was excellent and the treatment was superb. Parking is available (no charge) right outside Block D3 for Face Factors’ customers but you need to call them just before you arrive so that they can arrange for the parking space to be available.