Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color N



What is it about Jill Stuart that keeps their customers coming back for more? I think a lot of it has to do with their awesome packaging. It looks very different and so super-cute and ultra-feminine. Take the  Jelly Eye Color N for example, it comes in a classy looking glass pot with an arabesque patterned silver cap designed in the image of Murano glass. It actually looks more expensive that it really is.

Their Jelly Eye Color N in 04 Mint Sorbet was part of my beauty haul during the last visit to Hong Kong. I guess the texture is a bit similar to MAC’s Big Bounce Shadows although this one definitely has a whole lot more shimmer and doesn’t dry in the pot even though it’s been more than a year since I got it, the Big Bounce Shadows were dry in the pot after just half a year and I hardly opened them up too.


P1240001(1)P1230999(1)Most (if not all) of the Jelly Eye Color N are sheer and translucent, light, airy and so very soft. I apply it with my fingers as I don’t like the idea of the product sticking to the brush fibers. It glides across my eyelids smoothly, no tugging at all as it feels like foam. It contains Pure Crystal Powder (whatever that is). The scent is quite subtle, not as strong as Anna Sui products.

I always use my Mint Sorbet as a base for green shadows/pigments. I think it looks quite good on its own too as it just adds a bit of colour if one wants a natural look. I am impressed with the fact that it still feels as good as new, more than a year after I brought it home.