Interview With MAC’s Haritha Shan : Styleseeker Collection


For those who are familiar with MAC, you’ll have heard of Haritha Shan who has been interviewed countless times by media every time they have an event to launch a new collection. At the launch of major collections, she is interviewed for hours non-stop. She is extremely passionate about her job and her makeup expertise is always impressive as she can create such compelling looks with her brushes and of course, MAC’s makeup. In this interview, she talks about MAC’s latest Styleseeker Collection.

What is the inspiration for the Styleseeker Collection?

It’s inspired by an adventurous woman who is a global wanderer. She loves to travel around the world picking up stylish objects so that she can look unique. This is a woman who is always looking for style and can be a woman of any age and ethnicity.

What are your must-haves from this Collection?

The Mattene Lipsticks as they are long-wearing. I can get 4 hours wear out of them without my lips feeling tight or dry. There is a perception that matte lipsticks are drying but these do not dry or crack lips.

In what way are the Mattene lipsticks different from other lipstick ranges?

Compared to the Pro Longwear, they aren’t as long-lasting but compared to all other lipsticks in MAC’s permanent collection, the Mattenes last longer.

Some people might find it time consuming and troublesome to use the Fluidlines. What’s your recommendation for usage so that it becomes fast and easy?

You can either use the #217 brush for applying as a liner or #226 brush for blending. They can be blended so that they are used as a base for powder eyeshadows (not recommended to be used with cream shadows) but you have to work fast (to blend) as they dry fast.  The Fluidlines are great as a base as you can create a smoky effect with powder shadows over them. They can be used before any powder shadows as it’ll create a sheen effect and give longer staying power to the eyeshadows.

Which of the 4 eyeshadow duos in this Collection are suitable for fair/dark skin tones?

They can be used for all skin tones. However, the pick up (of the shadows) should be lighter for fairer skin tones and the pick up stronger for darker skin tones.

How would you go about helping a woman seeking her makeup style?

Firstly, I would do a bit of research on the person and ask some questions about her lifestyle and preferences, e.g. what does she like to do. If she prefers simple clothes and no accessories/jewelry, then she would have a down-to-earth style, nothing over the top. If she is the adventurous type, I’d recommend more daring makeup.

How would you bring someone out of her comfort zone in relation to makeup?

As a professional, you’d have to know how to advise a customer accordingly. She doesn’t need to be too daring. I’d advise her to try a tinge of green or other shades she’d normally shy away from just on the outer corners of her eyes. After 8 years in the makeup line, I feel good if my customers feel comfortable with my recommendations.