Give Your Nails Some Pampering With Innisfree Eco Finger Mask


dsc_4773Some time ago, I purchased Innisfree Eco Finger Mask out of curiosity since I’d never used a finger mask before. The sachet is divided into 2 sections so you can pamper just one hand at a time if you wish. It can get a bit clumsy trying to put the mask on the second hand after you’ve put the mask on one hand. Better and faster to get someone to help you or put it on one hand first, wait 15 minutes and after removing the mask, open up the other section of the sachet and put it on the other hand.

dsc_4775The rose extracts in this mask provide moisture to nails while minerals and vitamins from the rosehip provides effective moisturizing properties. Time to digitally detox for 15 minutes while the mask is on. My nails feel smoother once the mask has been removed. However I think hand cream or lotion will have the same effect.