History Repeats Itself As My Parcel Goes On A Joyride Through Malaysia


screenshot_20210103-141350Just three days into the new year and I am beginning to think it isn’t going to go too well for me. On 1st January, I ordered 2 scented candles from a seller in Penang who is very nice and friendly as he patiently and promptly answered all my questions regarding the scents. He is one of the more popular candle sellers online and I could read the positive comments from his customers. The last thing I want is to buy candles which have a mild scent as my room is quite big and I need stronger scented candles like Yankee Candle (those are very good and lasting).

The seller was really fast in shipping out the 2 candles I ordered, he did it within 24 hours but just my luck, the parcel went off to Johor last night. I knew something was amiss as the status showed the parcel was on its way to JHR999 instead of KUL999. So it went all the way from Penang, by-passing KL down south. This isn’t even the first time J & T Express has misspent my parcel. Last year, the dog food I ordered was missent to Kemaman, Terengganu.

When I ordered the candles, I had a feeling I should have chosen DHL as the courier given my bad experience with J & T but I thought new year, new start. No that’s not the case so from now on if there is any other choice of courier, even Poslaju, I am going to choose the alternative option.

The latest status shows the parcel is pending for delivery. How on earth can it be pending for delivery in Johor when KL is miles away. I have informed the seller who is not to be blamed at all, in fact he has even informed me that he ordered something from Penang and it was delivered by J & T. His parcel went to KL and then back to Penang. I wonder if this courier likes taking parcels for joy rides through Malaysia. I am beginning to think so. Getting worried now about the condition of my parcel when it eventually arrives as my previous parcel which was sent to Kemaman arrived in poor condition, the box was already open so I didn’t even have to make any effort to cut it open. If I ever post anything to anyone in future, I will stick to Poslaju, definitely more reliable and safer.