Pocket Watch Necklaces Are More Than Fashion Accessories


dsc_9337If there is one fashion accessory I love to have, it’s the pocket watch and it doesn’t get any better than a pocket watch necklace. These five pocket watch necklaces just arrived today and they are just as lovely as I expected. I didn’t even know such accessories existed until I stumbled on them in Shopee (where else?) and there’s this particular seller (tidelane.my) who sells hundreds of such items. I spent a long time looking through the many, many choices which were really endless.

Each pocket watch necklace is priced between RM7+ – RM9+ which is a bargain considering the chain is 80cm long and each one comes in working order, no need to go hunting for batteries. These are the ones I bought and I love them all:

dsc_9338dsc_9353dsc_9344dsc_9342dsc_9340dsc_9343The watches open up when the button above is pressed, the interiors are quite identical. I just ordered two more as I think these are simply marvellous. I don’t think I can get them in any store here.