The Parcel That Went Astray Has Been Collected


dsc_9358Finally after travelling almost the entire length of Malaysia courtesy of J & T Express, I have in my hands the parcel that went astray from Penang to Johor. These are the 2 scented candles I ordered from a very nice, friendly and professional seller known as willeeb on Shopee. He’s one of the best sellers I have encountered on the platform as he is not only prompt in replying but his attitude makes me want to continue to be his customer.

dsc_9359dsc_9360Although the candles are the mass produced kind (made in China), I gave the seller the highest rating possible as his manner in dealing with customers impressed me more than the product he is selling. Sometimes it’s not just about the product, the seller’s professional attitude makes up for whatever shortcomings his products may have. Haven’t used the candles yet, hopefully the scents are not mild as what’s the point of buying scented candles if you can’t smell them. Anyway thumbs up to this seller as he bothered to track the status of the shipping and was actually as concerned as I was when the parcel went off on its joy ride to Johor.