Habib Embraces The Butterfly As Metaphor Of Merdeka


558570721Leading up to the 64th year of the country’s independence, Malaysia’s premier homegrown jeweller, HABIB, embraces creative interpretation of the meaning of Merdeka for their campaign this year. Themed Keindahan Merdeka, HABIB adopts the element of butterflies for their unique and meaningful life cycle. Not only beautiful and graceful, the butterfly serves as a metaphor for transformation or rebirth, change, hope, freedom and life. This is symbolic of the more than a year-long journey that all Malaysians have been going through since the pandemic first began in early months of 2020. The transformational process of these magnificent creatures is very much akin to the many phases Malaysians have gone through during the pandemic. From having to adapt our lifestyles in the new normal by staying home, not seeing our loved ones for months, to slowly coming out from our cocoons with the increased vaccination numbers – there’s nothing in our lifetime that has impacted us more than this pandemic. And just like how a caterpillar is able to transform into a stunning butterfly, we are also starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Dato’ Sri Meer Habib, Executive Chairman of HABIB Group, remarked, “Living with Covid-19 for almost two years should make us more appreciative of the word ‘independence’ – as we were all forced to be in our ‘cocoons’ to curb the transmission of the virus. This has also given us time to grow, reflect and come out stronger after facing hardships together as a nation. And with the ramping of the National Vaccination program, we are starting to see economic sectors opening up and slowly but surely, getting our lives back on track. This will renew the appreciation of the meaning of Independence (Merdeka) and freedom, more than ever. So, as we move into the transition phase, we feel the butterfly is the best metaphor for what we are going through as a nation.”



HABIB has always been in the business of happiness, where people come to celebrate occasions, milestones and happy times. Wearing a beautiful piece of jewellery makes you look and feel good about yourself, translating to increased confidence and happiness. And just like watching a butterfly flutters its beautiful wings freely, it brings you joy. Now, more than 60 years later, HABIB remains true to its philosophy in placing prime importance on happiness amongst Malaysians. Likewise, 64 years of Independence also brings pride and happiness to many Malaysians. And even though the Merdeka Day’s celebration this year may not be as festive as how it used to be, our patriotic spirit should not be dimmed but rather burn brighter as we focus on emerging from this journey as a stronger, healthier and more united nation.

 As part of its Merdeka campaign this year, HABIB collaborates with talented local artist, Najib Bamadhaj, by embracing creative expression via artwork on the same theme, relating to the journey of Malaysians in the past year. Najib’s artwork, National Aspiration, expresses the symbolism and metaphor of the butterfly as the key element throughout the campaign.