First Time I Have To Return Something On Shopee


shopee2Shopee had their 6.6. sale which began midnight on that day so I jumped on to the bandwagon as they were offering RM10 free shipping and I have a few things I wanted to get which were not more than RM15. One of them was the kedaihawafi masks. This seller’s masks are made of Japanese cotton and so soft & comfortable even if they aren’t the type for ears, you have to tie these on as they are for hijab wearers.

As soon as I saw the Polka Light Purple, I wanted it. The colours are such a beautiful combination. So I placed my order right after midnight and in my haste forgot to claim the 15% cashback voucher so I only got the usual 10% cashback. Seller posted the parcel yesterday. I also ordered a green polka mask.

shopee1shopeeWent to collect the masks from the courier company this morning but horror, when I opened the parcel, out came two green masks. I was so looking forward to seeing the light purple mask. I have gotten in touch with the seller for a return/refund. I might not be able to get the light purple mask as the seller sold out by 6.6. morning. I don’t understand it though. How can such a mistake be made.

There is a BIG difference between light purple and green. Even if they had run out of light purple, they should have informed me and asked for my approval before sending out another colour. This is the first time I have had to request for a return/refund on Shopee and hopefully it will be the last. Good quality products, best masks I have ever bought but I really dislike being sent the wrong product as it is inconvenient to send it back.