The Softest & Best Fabric Masks I’ve Bought On Shopee Malaysia


img_20200513_144639Still on my fabric mask shopping spree, received the latest batch of fabric masks ordered on Shopee Malaysia. They are RM6.50 and I was hooked when I saw the fabric is Japanese cotton which means it should be very soft and comfortable. Hours after I ordered a few days ago (Sunday to be exact), the masks had almost completely sold out. Not surprising given the reasonable price.

These masks really live up to expectation as they are the softest fabric masks I have bought so far. They are the head loop tie-on type so it takes some getting used to tying it properly and tightly but not too tightly as to be uncomfortable. These are lovely masks and I’d buy again from this seller if there are other designs in future. Thumbs up to the seller for not making the price high and for fast delivery.