Faultless Hot Iron Cleaner For Irons That Glide Easier


dsc_8480There’s a quite useful product for everyone who irons regularly – Faultless Hot Iron Cleaner. This can be used every time you finish ironing to maintain the soleplate. It makes irons glide easier and removes all melted fusibles. To use, make sure iron is on HOT (preferably ‘cotton’) setting. Not to be used with a COLD iron. Empty water from steam iron before cleaning.


Squeeze about 2 inches of Hot Iron Cleaner on to an old 100% terry cloth towel. Rub the hot iron over cloth in a circular motion. Move to a clean area of towel and wipe to remove all traces of Hot Iron Cleaner.

Faultless Hot Iron Cleaner retails at RM14.14 and I saw this at Giant.