Fabric Masks Don’t Have To Cost As Much As A Piece Of Clothing


dsc_8961Recently, I was at a department store and saw some children’s and adult’s fabric masks for sale. The price was rather high at RM20 for children’s and RM38 for adult’s. The designs were fine but I didn’t think they were as nice as the ones I have bought on Shopee, all at a much cheaper price. The one in the photo above is the cheapest fabric mask I have bought on Shopee or anywhere else, it’s just RM3 and the seller was so kind to send a free mask extender too.

I am not sure how sellers can justify charging RM30+ for a fabric mask which is just a small piece of fabric. I have bought pieces of clothing for the same price as what I’ve seen masks being sold. So far the most I have paid for a fabric mask is RM15 and even then it was because the mask was embroidered and it did come with a free mask pouch.