“Eye” Feel Refreshed But…..


Spending a lot of time in front of the laptop everyday, I have eye bags and occasionally, dark circles. NOPS Essencial Firming Eye Patch is for supplying water and nutrition on dark eye rims.

The eye patches are neatly stored in between layers of plastic separators. They have a very thin texture and can be moved around the eye area during the application time if you feel certain areas require more moisture.

As soon as you stick the patches around the undereye area, you will feel an instant rush of moisture and cool sensation. It’s best to use them while lying down or lying back on a chair with your eyes closed.

While that’s all very nice, what wasn’t so “cool” was that the area on which the patches were applied itched throughout the application which was 20 minutes.

So although the eye patches alleviated my eye bags making them less prominent, I think that myskin is sensitive  to certain ingredients of the eye patch.

It’s a refreshing eye patch BUT unfortunately, my skin just didn’t agree with this beauty aid.

The Firming Eye Patch retails for RM8 each and are available at NOPS, Sunway Pyramid.

Note: The Firming Eye Patch was provided by NOPS for review.