My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask


There’s no doubt that your neighbourhood night market has the most extensive My Beauty Diary (MBD) masks for sale. I was astonished at the number of different MBD masks available at the nearest night market to my house. I didn’t stop to have a closer look to verify its authenticity or otherwis nor did I enquire as to the price of each mask (they are sold loose, not in boxes).

Genuine or not, I didn’t think they’d be cheaper than RM3 and I could purchase MBD masks for RM3 at a stall which is sometimes set up right outside Guardian Pharmacy in KLCC. I’ve seen this stall twice so far and they sell selected MBD masks (loose) for RM3 each.

So it was because of this promotional price that I came home with 3 MBD Black Pearl masks which according to, is a mask for the purpose of hydrating and whitening. It’s for all skin types especially skin which is dull and lacks firmness.

This mask contains active ingredients from the black pearl together with marine and plant extracts. It’s supposed to enhance the hydration of the skin improving radiance and skin’s elasticity.

I put the mask into the fridge as it’s something I like to do for all sheet masks. As with all MBD masks, this one is wrapped around a plastic sheet, presumably to make it easier to unfold.

There isn’t much to say about the scent as it doesn’t smell as lovely as the Cherry Blossom or Mixed Berry masks. It doesn’t fit my face perfectly especially around the mouth and chin.

It remains wet even after half and hour of usage. After the mask has been taken off, my face doesn’t feel particularly firm or resilient. It brightens and hydrates well but then again, so do all the other MBD masks I’ve used before this. I’d repurchase if I can find it again at the RM3 promotional price as that’s a reasonable price to pay for a sheet mask.


  1. I think MBD is really a common brand for mask lover. At first, I thought that the mask would be the black colour type but after trying it, it was more of a sheet mask. How silly I was. Their mask doesn’t really fit on my face too so I have to cut them which is troublesome.