Estee Lauder Companies Friends & Family Sale 2018 The Second Time Round


dsc_2656For the previous Estee Lauder Companies Sale back in April, I was way too early, arriving at 7am when the doors only opened for VIP invitation card holders at almost 9am. Therefore I waited for around 2 hours, way too long so this time, I got there with my friend at 8.15am and it was surprising there were only 10 people in front of us. There was a long white curtain partitioning the VIP queue from the queue for those with e-invites so I didn’t see how long the queue for the e-invites was until we were asked to go in at 8.45am.

dsc_2657Turned out the queue for e-invites was not as long as previous sales, there were probably less than 50 people. Maybe people already bought all they needed at the April sale. The first brand by the entrance was Origins.

dsc_2659dsc_2658dsc_2663Actually I noticed that there were some products at this sale which were at the April sale. In general, less products than what was available at the sale a few months ago especially at MAC. However there were good bargains to be had like a MAC Look In The Box Brush set for RM90 and that was snapped up real fast. The set contained 6 brushes so no wonder it sold better than hot cakes.

dsc_2722dsc_2726dsc_2719There was plenty of make-up at Bobbi Brown and they had skincare too. The prices were a fraction of what one would have to pay at retail. The eyeshadow palettes were probably the best buys because they were averaging between RM60-RM120.

dsc_2683dsc_2677dsc_2680If you are a Clinique customer, you would have been pleased because they had a lot of lipsticks and skincare at rock bottom prices. A few of the skincare sets were those that were sold at the sale in April.

dsc_2706dsc_2704dsc_2701There were not as many Estee Lauder fragrances at this sale compared to their previous sales. There were also less skincare sets. Their lipsticks were selling well because it was 2 lipsticks for RM50 so naturally people were crowding around the Estee Lauder lipsticks.


I’ll tell you what was the biggest bargain. The DKNY Be Delicious Shower Gel was selling at RM18. Normal retail price is over RM100. Of course I snapped up a tube. That one was selling so well that I knew I wouldn’t get another chance if I went for a walk round the room.

dsc_2736Other than that, I got a trio of MAC Dazzleglass @ RM30. Can’t get any cheaper than that!