Eyenlip Beauty Calamansi Vitamin Solution Mask


dsc_2808A few weeks ago, I received a box all the way from Korea. I’ve never received anything from Korea before so I was particularly excited about this delivery. Among the beauty products from www.beautynetkorea.com was Eyenlip Beauty Calamansi Vitamin Solution Mask. Eyenlip is Beautynetkorea’s own brand.

Features of Calamansi Vitamin Solution Mask:

  1. Vitamin C inhibits melanin pigmentation and restores damaged skin. It acts against stains, freckles, dullness and pigmentation which can be caused by ultraviolet light.
  2. Hesperidin enhances activity of skin cells against harmful environment and inhibits melanin production, which is effective for skin whitening. It also has the effect of slowing down skin aging by inhibiting free radicals.
  3. Cinefurin has an inflammation inhibiting effect.
dsc_2810First time I have used a yellow sheet mask! Nice shade of yellow too. Feels extremely hydrating and soothing. Love this one because it is packed full of serum yet doesn’t drip when applied. I feel that this sheet mask does improve my skin hydration level and I would love to use this regularly.


Check out www.eyenlip.co.kr for more information on this products as well as other Eyenlip skincare.