Elianto Nail Polish Remover


Sometimes Sephora Express Nail Polish Remover isn’t effective enough to remove all traces of nail polish especially those with stubborn glitter so I had to hunt for a  bottle of nail polish remover. Furthermore, one can’t use the Sephora one to remove nail polish from toes, not that I ever apply any on my toes. Kind of defeats the purpose since I never wear peep-toe shoes.

Anyway, my hunt led me to Elianto. Now there are 2 Elianto outlets in MidValley. I wonder if the one within Jusco has more business since I’d go there to collect points with my membership card. Yes, Elianto has nail polish galore at RM11 each which naturally means they have nail polish remover.

They have “Nail Remover” which I suppose is nail polish remover. I guess this can be excused since the products come from Korea. There are 4 scents in 2 sizes – Strawberry 100ml, Grape 100ml, Bamboo & Apple Mint 80ml and Sandalwood & Cranberry 80ml. The 100ml bottles are RM10 while the 80ml bottles are RM8. I preferred the scents in the 100ml bottles over the 80ml bottles. Having such scents is good because the chemical scent associated with nail polish removers isn’t so strong or disturbing.

The nail polish remover is quite effective in removing my nail polish with glitter but only if I press the cotton pad against my nail for a few seconds before wiping away the nail polish. It leaves behind a hint of strawberry scent on my fingers. I thought the strawberry scent was slightly stronger than the grape. Scent is subjective and some may prefer grape over the strawberry scent.