The Dresses And Shoes Worn By The Female Lead in Rattan Ethereally Gorgeous


rattanThe more episodes of “Rattan” I watch, the more I am in awe of the fashionable clothes and shoes worn by the lead female character, Si Teng who is a hybrid plant-alien. So far most of the scenes are in some rural area with a lot of greenery and caves, she walks through the forest in high heels and long flowing dresses. Where does she get so many dresses when she never brings any luggage.

With her long flowing hair and equally lovely hair accessories, Si Teng does look like a fairy on earth. This is one of the best Chinese dramas I have watched so far thanks to the mysterious story line, characters and the exquisite clothes wotn by Si Teng which makes her look so incredibly elegant. Her high heels are enhance the beauty of the clothes she is wearing.