The Penthouse War In Life Season 2 Ending Has Another Cliffhanger


602f584dd84dbFinally Season 2 of “The Penthouse War In Life” comes to an end and of course as expected, it ends with a cliffhanger. In this drama, we have seen seemingly dead people come back to life. We thought Bae Ro Na was murdered by Joo Dan Tae but she survived. Even her own mother thought she was dead but it makes me wonder how a mother can think her child is dead, doesn’t she see the body before it is in the coffin?

Turns out Bae Ro Na has been saved by Shim Su Ryeon who manages to exact revenge on everyone involved in her daughter, Min Seol A’s death. Oh Yoon Hee was shown in the penultimate episode ending as if about to jump off a bridge into the river but she surrendered herself to the police and confessed to the killing of Min Seol A. She told the police that she witnessed the residents of Hera Palace getting rid of Min Seol A’s body by moving it from the Hera Palace fountain to her apartment with Joo Dan Tae setting the apartment ablaze and leaving Min Seol A’s suicide note there to stage a suicide.’

All those involved in Min Seol A’s death get arrested, including Cheon Seo Jin, Kang Ma Ri, Lee Gyu Jin and his wife. All profess their innocence and accuse each other for their downfall. They are also in trouble because the properties they invested in are now worthless. They thought the location would be developed into another Gangnam but it’s actually going to be a landfill instead of a goldmine. All of them are convicted and sentenced with the chief villain, Joo Dan Tae getting life imprisonment as he is also guilty of murder.

None of those involved in Min Seol A’s death are repentant except for Oh Yoon Hee who actually wants to be sentenced to imprisonment to pay for her crime and Dr. Ha Yoon Chul who confessed to moving Min Seo A’s body and that the rest were his accomplices.

The best scene in this ending has to be of Shim Su Ryeon moving back in style into the penthouse with maids bringing in her luggage, She flings out all of Joo Dan Tae’s belongings and smashes his stuff with a vengeance. Cheon Seo Jin’s daughter, Ha Eun Byeol gets controlled by the housekeeper, Miss Jin who was working for Logan Lee. Miss Jin wants Eun Byeol to be her daughter and cut off all ties with Cheon Seo Jin. Looks like Miss Jin has an agenda of her own and wants to take Eun Byeol to a place no one can find her.

All is not lost for Joo Dan Tae though as he can control and instruct people from his prison cell. One of his minions is Kang Ma Ri’s convict husband who only has a few days left to his prison term. Logan Lee returns to Korea from New York and he intends to propose to Shim Su Ryeon but as he gets out of his car to greet her, there’s something ticking nearby…not a happy ending.