dobiQueen Malaysia Officially Launches Its #timetoreconnect Campaign Which Empowers Women To Reclaim Their Time


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LtoR Eugenie Chan, Co-Founder of Suppagood Nini Tan, Co-Founder of dobiQueen Franzeene Nadia A/P Rajasegaran, Assistant Director, Strategic Partnership Division, Department of Women Development; Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development Alycia Lum, Marriage & Family Therapist Major (Retired) Shera Ann Bosco, Founder, CARING MOMS Group Sdn Bhd

In light of the ever-changing work landscape and the struggles that working women go through daily, dobiQueen Malaysia officially launched its #timetoreconnect campaign today which was supported by the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, and in partnership with ReKindle Therapy and CARING MOMS. To promote awareness of the energy and time demands of household chores, women are recommended to wisely prioritise building strong family relationships.

Women often find themselves burdened by the societal expectation that house chores are solely their responsibility, likely influenced by their upbringing. What often goes unrecognised is that these seemingly “routine and easy” tasks result in both physical and mental stress, not to mention the significant time investment they require—approximately 90 hours per month.

A 2021 UNDP Issue Brief highlighted that the unpaid work performed by women today amounts to a staggering $10 trillion of output per year, roughly equivalent to 13 percent of global GDP. This raises the question: How can we address this invisible phenomenon?

Recognising the gravity of this issue, Franzeene Nadia A/P Rajasegaran, the Assistant Director, Strategic Partnership Division, Department of Women Development from the Malaysian Ministry of Women, Family, and Community Development, said, “Women wear many hats indeed, but we should break the stereotype that when house chores are mentioned, it’s automatically the woman’s job. #timetoreconnect is a timely reminder, and it matches our mission to increase women’s capacity and involvement in various fields. Shared responsibility is vital for the well-being of the whole unit that we call family!”

“When I was growing up, I saw how much my working mother struggled when it came to juggling her time between office work and house chores. She was constantly exhausted after finishing up the house chores and the little time that I had with her affected me drastically during my childhood. This is why I am committed to delivering a seamless and effective service through dobiQueen, in the hopes that families will have more #timetoreconnect with their loved ones,” shared Nini Tan, Co-Founder of dobiQueen.

Driven by a constant desire to optimise time, Nini persistently pioneers this often overlooked yet essential service. Her latest innovation, the 6-Hour Laundry Service by dobiQueen, revolutionises the industry in Malaysia. Customers can conveniently drop off their laundry outside their unit and receive it back, impeccably washed, dried, and folded within just 6 hours.

Co-Founders of dobiQueen, Nini Tan & Senglee Tan

#timetoreconnect prompts women to reassess their use of time for house chores in order to prioritise actions that yield long-term benefits for themselves and their loved ones.

“After hearing multiple stories shared by women on our platform, I understand the problems that many mothers face in today’s context. House chores are most of the time predominantly a woman’s responsibility and as a result, we’ve seen many women struggle and find it impossible to find the time to do basic things, for instance attend an upskilling course that will be beneficial to them,” shared Shera Ann Bosco, Founder of CARING MOMS.

“As we navigate the demands of work and juggle various responsibilities, we often put aside spending time with our children, thinking we can make up for it later. Our children’s growth will not wait for our timing. The time to build relationships, to create memories, and to influence their growth and values is now. In our busy lives, it can be as simple as reading them a story, having a heart to heart, eye to eye conversation by asking them how their day was, showing interest in what they are doing or engaging in their favourite activities.” shared Alycia Lum, Marriage & Family Therapist from ReKindle.

Embracing the #timetoreconnect initiative, dobiQueen invites all women to take some time off their busy schedule and to unlock the potential for small yet impactful changes in their lives through a set of captivating questions. Follow @dobiqueen on instagram to view the questions, get ideas on how to build stronger relationships and actively participate in this conversation.

Link to dobiQueen’s #timetoreconnect video:

Contributed by Kenny Phang.

In collaboration with Defy Media.