JYNNS Leads “The Journey Of Love – ‘Beau’ Up Your Life

Firdhaus (Malaysia New Generation Singer-Songriter) interacted with fans
Jynns Signature Stingless Bee Mascot Special Appearance

After its successful debut last year, JYNNS, Malaysia’s leading wellness brand dedicated to promoting a new era of healthy living, has once again hosted a wellness carnival themed “The Journey of Love – ‘Beau’
up Your Life!” for Parents’ Day. Aimed to accompany everyone on their journey to “enhance their natural beauty and well-being,” JYNNS is committed to providing the best wellness physique and helping everyone find a more beautiful, confident self.

This time, JYNNS has teamed up with Malaysia’s new generation singer-songwriter, Firdhaus, and the historic men’s doubles badminton champions, Aaron Chia and Soh Wooi Yik, who clinched Malaysia’s first-ever World Badminton Championship. They shared their insights on wellness and the importance of holistic health at the event.

“The Journey of Love – ‘Beau’ up Your Life!”: A Public Wellness Carnival Connecting Wellness, Music, and Sports

Alann Tan (JYY Group Founder and Group Executive Chairman
Overwhelming crowd gathered at the event
Aaron Chia and Soh Wooi Yik (Malaysia First Ever Doubles Badminton Champion) and Alann Tan (JYY Group Founder and Group Executive Chairman)
(From left) Cheng Hui Ru (JYY Group Management Team), Andy Tan (JYY Group Co-Founder and Group Executive Director), Soh Wooi Yik and Aaron Chia (Malaysia First Ever Doubles Badminton Champion), Alann Tan (JYY Group Founder and Group Executive Chairman), Sephine Tung (JYY Group Management Team), Michael Poh (Sunway Malls Leasing Senior Director)
Firdhaus (Malaysia New Generation Singer-Songwriter) interacted with fans
From left: Firdhaus (Malaysia New Generation Singer-Songriter), Nicole Lai (Malaysia Singer), Cheng Hui Ru (JYY Group Management Team), Andy Tan (JYY Group Co-Founder and Group Executive Director), Alann Tan (JYY Group Founder and Group Executive Chairman), Sephine Tung (JYY Group Management Team), Michael Poh (Sunway Malls Leasing Senior Director), Ke En (Malaysia YouTuber), Lovell (Friends of Jynns)

The “The Journey of Love – ‘Beau’ up Your Life!” carnival has reached its second year, not just as a Parents’ Day celebration but also as a symbol of commitment to combining wellness with gifting and continuous health education.

Alann Tan, founder and CEO of JYNNS Group, stated, “As a group that covers both wellness and gift brands, JYNNS hopes to pioneer the culture of wellness and gifting during Parents’ Day and aims to annually create events themed around ‘The Journey of Love & Wellness’ starting from Malaysia.” The event featured high-profile guests joining JYNNS, embracing this season of love to transform love into health wellness and share it with everyone around.

Aaron Chia and Soh Wooi Yik, who created history by winning Malaysia’s first World Badminton Championship, also appeared at the event. They shared their experiences as athletes, emphasizing that a healthy physique is built gradually, enabling everyone to live out a brilliant life confidently from within. Badminton unites Malaysians, and this public event also fulfilled the fans’ wishes to send their sincerest blessings to our doubles team.

In addition, the young talented singer-songwriter Firdhaus performed, bringing an auditory feast to the audience. Talking about the initial intention of inviting this talented love song writer, Alann expressed the hope to use music to empower, serve as an outlet for emotional expression, and heal both mind and body. JYNNS hopes to create a wellness journey accompanied by music, and also also present an unforgettable fan meeting for the fans at the event.

JYNNS Parent’s Day Carnival: Celebrating Love with Exclusive Gifts!

In conjunction with Parents’ Day, JYNNS’s “The Journey of Love – ‘Beau’ up Your Life!” offers a range of Parents’ Day gifts at JYNNS stores, experiential kiosk, and the event, allowing families to easily embark on a health wellness journey and win fabulous prizesFor every specified amount spent, customers have the chance to win a cruise trip from JYNNS, giving your beloved parents an unforgettable maritime journey!

For each Parents’ Day gift box or hamper purchased, JYNNS will provide a limited edition carnation and additional practical and appealing gifts such as stew pots, makeup fridges with lights, wellness pots, and many more. A series of wellness products including Youfinity Bird’s Nest, Concentrated Youfinity Ivory Bird’s Nest, Genki Essence of Chicken, Stingless Bee Honey, and Multigrain Beverage are available with special offers, making this Parents’ Day truly joyful for everyone.

It’s worth mentioning that JYNNS actively collaborates with multiple well-known brands to promote a range of activities from environmental education to lifestyle habits. Among these, the collaboration with MuzArt Art Academy aims to cultivate children’s awareness of environmental protection through artistic creation. Children use recycled materials, such as chicken essence and bird’s nest glass bottles, transforming these items into artwork or reusable storage bottles, teaching them the importance of environmental conservation and instilling a sense of responsibility to cherish our planet. This initiative underscores the belief that a beautiful and healthy living environment contributes to our overall wellness.

In the realm of skincare and wellness, JYNNS partners with Bifesta. This collaboration highlights the importance of both internal wellness and external beauty, emphasizing that each plays a crucial role in overall health. Consumers are encouraged to start their day with the nourishing benefits of JYNNS collagen drinks, which enhance inner health and skin elasticity, and conclude with the purifying power of Bifesta makeup remover to cleanse the skin of impurities. This routine ensures a complexion that radiates youthful silkiness and vitality.

On the culinary front, JYNNS has teamed up with Hazukido and Eggette Lab, who are dedicated to incorporating JYNNS x Hazukido into daily lifestyles. Hazukido offers Stingless Bee Honey Croissant, a choice that integrates the natural goodness of honey, celebrated for its health benefits. Similarly, Eggette Lab introduces JYNNS x Eggette Lab Nutri King Mixed Multigrain Black Sesame and Mixed Berries Eggettes, which are not just delicious but packed with superfoods, making them an ideal part of any
everyday diet. These collaborations underscore the commitment of JYNNS Group to promoting a healthy diet as an essential component of daily life.

We believe that health is composed of daily habits, wellness awareness, and a comprehensive lifestyle. Alann hopes that through this Journey of Love & Wellness, he can inspire everyone to become more conscious of their physical, mental, and spiritual health. By loving ourselves, we also transform our health into love, which we can then share with family and friends.

For more information about JYNNS, please visit the JYNNS official website.