REXPERIENCE Elevates And Redefines Performance Art Through Technology With The “Annihilation” Showcase

“Annihilation” @ REXPERIENCE

REXPERIENCE, the leading immersive digital art gallery in Kuala Lumpur, is proudly announcing the introduction of an enhanced version of the groundbreaking “Annihilation” showcase to its current lineup. This addition will be performed alongside the acclaimed “Piying Dream” and “Matter of Painting,” further solidifying REXPERIENCE’s commitment to redefine immersive storytelling and revolutionise the intersection of culture and technology in Malaysia.

“Annihilation” by Colas Fiszman takes audiences on a mesmerising journey that combines dance, video projections, and electronic music to create a multifaceted experience that pushes the boundaries of artistic expression. At its core is modern motion capture technology enabling real-time projection of a dancer’s movements onto the stage. This technology enables performers to interact with elaborate synthetic views created from 3D laser scans of Belgian and Malaysian landscapes, transporting
audiences to immersive digital environments.

“Annihilation” transforms traditional visual and performance art experiences into dynamic encounters

Adding another layer to the experience is Jonas Margraf’s 360° spatial music, which envelops viewers in a dynamic auditory adventure that complements the visual spectacle on stage. The combination of cutting-edge technology and artistic expression by renowned local performers Chloe Tan, Mohamad Arifwaran, Audrey Chua and Zhafir Muzani, who will each bring their style of dance to “Annihilation” will create unique narratives that explore humanity’s complex relationship with technology and the natural world.

Leveraging technologies like Unreal Engine 5, TouchDesigner, spatial audio systems, and Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) sensors, “Annihilation” transforms traditional visual and performance art experiences into dynamic encounters. This innovative showcase is also an epitome of REXPERIENCE’s mission to redefine immersive storytelling and revolutionise the intersection of culture and technology.

“Piying Dream,” an unprecedented digitally animated showcase of Chinese shadow puppetry

Alongside “Annihilation,” guests will visit the fantastical world of “Piying Dream,” an unprecedented digitally animated showcase of Chinese shadow puppetry. Built upon over 3,000 masterfully crafted shadow puppets, “Piying Dream” weaves together iconic design motifs and vibrant colours complemented by an original Chinese musical score, this immersive experience promises to transport visitors to a realm where tradition meets innovation. “Matter of Painting” offers a completely different experience, transforming the walls of the immersive theatre into an all-engrossing canvas where an “invisible digital artist” explores a myriad of colours and textures of painting materials creating a meditative atmosphere that engages the senses and evokes emotional responses. Recognising the pivotal role of physical space in enhancing digital projections,

REXPERIENCE has also undergone a comprehensive upgrade and has transformed its venue into a seamless canvas for storytelling to welcome “Annihilation” and enhance the immersive quality of the ongoing show with: Uniform Surface for Projection: To ensure that the intricate details of “Annihilation” and “Piying Dream” are projected crisply and clearly, traditional brick walls have been replaced with a uniform surface, enveloping visitors in a vivid narrative landscape.

Resurfaced Flooring: To ensure that every corner of REXPERIENCE is part of the storytelling, the floor has been resurfaced with a uniform matte colour to optimise projection and enhance immersion, inviting visitors to step into a world where art and technology converge in harmony.

Sebastien Jurkowski, CEO and Creative Director of REXPERIENCE, expressed his enthusiasm for the tech-revamp and the addition of “Annihilation” to the show, stating, “These enhancements the space are testament to our commitment toward pushing the boundaries of immersive art. With ‘Annihilation’ joining ‘Piying Dream,’ we invite our visitors to delve deeper into the realms of creativity and innovation. The upgrades ensure that every moment within REXPERIENCE is an integral part of an unforgettable journey through art and technology.”

“Matter of Painting”

Visitors are welcome to step into a realm where art defies boundaries and imagination knows no limits with the 1-hour exhibition offering an unparalleled journey through “Annihilation,” “Piying Dream,” and “Matter of Painting.” From April 16th to July 14th, every Tuesday to Friday, 8 PM to 10 PM, and on weekends and public holidays from 2 PM to 10 PM, guests will experience the dynamic presence of “Annihilation” enhanced by instant motion capture technology as dancers will be performing live. Tickets for these live shows are priced at RM80 for adults, RM56 for youths, students, seniors, and OKU,
and RM40 for children.

Live Show Details (Until 14th July 2024)
Tuesday to Friday
Weekends and Public Holidays
8 PM to 10 PM
2 PM to 10 PM
Youths, Students, Seniors, OKU
Children: RM40

At other times, tickets are priced at RM60 for adults, RM42 for youths, students, seniors, and OKU, and RM30 for children. Don’t miss this chance to transcend the ordinary and embark on an artistic odyssey unlike any other. Secure your tickets now and be part of this extraordinary journey into the heart of immersive art.

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