The Japan Foundation Travelling Exhibition: “NINGYŌ: Art And Beauty Of Japanese Dolls” Exhibition


The National Museum of Malaysia is hosting a fascinating exhibition of Japanese dolls called “NINGYŌ: Art and Beauty of Japanese Dolls“. This exhibition showcases various dolls from all over Japan, allowing visitors to learn about the cultural significance and the role of dolls in Japanese society from the seventh century to the present day.

The exhibition promises to be an experience that highlights Japan’s representative dolls, which have been a part of everyday life in Japan since ancient times. The dolls reflect the customs and aspirations of the people and possess distinctive regional attributes and diverse forms. Visitors can also admire traditional Japanese craft products such as textiles.

Ningyō means “doll” and “human shape” in Japanese, the doll culture that has been cultivated over the long history of Japan will be introduced through a total of 67 dolls, divided into four sections: “Ningyō to pray for children’s growth,” “Ningyō as fine art,” “Ningyō as folk art,” and “Spread of Ningyō culture.” Each doll has been carefully selected to showcase the history and cultural significance of Japanese dolls.

The exhibition is organized by the Japan Foundation, co-organized by Department of Museums Malaysia, Ministry of National Unity, and the Embassy of Japan, with the desert sponsored by Imuraya. The exhibition will run from 7 May to 8 July 2024, at Central Hall, Muzium Negara. Additionally, visitors can enjoy a Japanese Cultural Day on 1st   June 2024, in collaboration with ANIMANGAKI. This one-day special program offers a range of fun activities, such as workshops, demonstrations and competitions relating to Japanese culture.

The Japan Foundation invites you to join thems and experience the beauty and cultural significance of Japanese dolls at the “NINGYŌ: Art and Beauty of Japanese Dolls” exhibition. Stay tuned for further updates regarding Japanese Cultural Weekend at