Craftiviti Is A Craftmaker’s Paradise From Amateur To Artisan Level

Founder of Creativiti, Leong Wei Yein & Eugene Tham
Founders of Creativiti, Leong Wei Yein & Eugene Tham

So far this week, I have visited 2 very different industries but both equally interesting and enlightening. One of those is Craftiviti in Petaling Jaya, a one-stop DIY personal care and therapeutic crafts materials store founded by husband and wife dynamic entrepreneurs, Eugene Tham and Leong Wei Yein. Speaking to each of them and listening to their presentation, I could sense how passionate they are about their business and how much they want to share their wealth of knowledge with everyone.

Now I am not nor will ever be someone who can be a talented craftmaker as I lack the passion for it but I can see that it’s therapeutic to indulge in making soaps, bath bombs, skincare, makeup, candles and the like. As soon as I stepped foot into Craftiviti, I was impressed with the massive amount of choices for any craft. This is THE place to head to should you need an ingredient for a bath bomb or candle. From hard to source ingredients such as raw materials to containers for lipsticks, Craftiviti has it all and the staff are all very knowledgeable and helpful. Having some guidance is very helpful for the uninitiated like myself who felt somewhat intimidated by the vast number of different products available.

How to make your own candle starter kit
How to make your own candle starter kit
Complimentary recipes for making candles, body cleanser, soaps, lip balms
Complimentary recipes for making candles, body cleanser, soaps, lip balms
There's a special section for kids too
There’s a special section for kids too
Design your own mask this Halloween
Design your own mask this Halloween

I have a feeling this amazing crafts shop will be very popular during Halloween and Christmas as you can help your kids design their own mask and there are even starter kits for those who have no idea how to make a candle or soap. All the necessary ingredients for making the said product have been pre-measured and all you have to do is follow the instructions enclosed. Easy-peasy even for the most amateur. You don’t even have to consult YouTube. These are called Yellow Craft Box – a series of simple craft kits released every two months for those who are not sure which craft they want to take up. I think this is a great idea as you can then decide whether you like that particular craft or not.

Craftiviti provides the materials needed for anyone and everyone who likes or wants to create things with their own bare hands as a way to express themselves. “We are in the business of creating happiness. There are a thousand and one reasons why people make their own self-care products but for those who make, never truly only make it for themselves, they always end up sharing and spreading the joy,” said Leong Wei Yein, the Founder of Craftiviti.

It’s a good idea to gift your nearest and dearest with a crafted product as it will be much more cherished than something bought in a store. For those with sensitive skins, it would be much better to make their own skincare or makeup as they’d know exactly what ingredient goes into the product.

Craftiviti also works together with their local partners to host weekly workshops such as candle making workshops, soap making workshops, clay sculpting workshops and many other workshops at their event space Think at Dua as a fun way for beginners to start creating in a supportive creative community.

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