CPS Hair Keratin Treatment Mask


dsc_6656One of the more popular hair masks on Shopee seems to be this CPS Hair Keratin Treatment Mask. I read the reviews and they are generally good/positive. Price averages between RM18-22. I got mine for RM18 and had to add around RM4 for shipping. The container is 1000ml which is a lot!

There are 4 variations of CPS Hair Keratin Treatment Mask and mine is coconut. The others are Milk, Aloe Vera, Strawberry, Nuts and Grapes. Coconut promotes scalp health, fights against hair problems such as dandruff and dry scalp and hair. It’s a thick and creamy hair mask, don’t need much especially with short hair like mine.

I leave it on as long as possible for optimum results. It is easily washed off leaving no residue. Some hair masks can be difficult to wash off, requiring several rinses but not this one. I am satisfied with the results as it leaves my hair smooth, soft and manageable.