Clinelle™ Ingenius Optimizer Daily Booster


You’ve seen or heard of them before – skincare products which promote cell regeneration, repair, regenerate and renew cells faster to delay the aging process. It all started with one product from a famous counter brand and now such products are also available from drugstore brands. 

Clinelle™ launched their Ingenius Optimizer Daily Booster in June 2012 which addresses the root of the problem at skin’s cellular level. The key ingredients are L-Carnitine which communicates with skin cells and instructs them to produce the energy needed for cell regeneration & encapsulated Retinol to restore UV damaged skin and reduce wrinkles to reverse aging.

This isn’t your typical runny fluid serum. It’s dispensed from a tube with a fine tip so that not too much comes out at one go. The consistency is thicker and creamier than most serums I’ve used before but it’s surprisingly easy to absorb and feels luxurious on skin. If I didn’t know any better, I might guess that this product is from a prestige counter brand based on the texture alone.

There is absolutely no stickiness despite the thicker than average consistency. This is a serum or pre-serum that delivers a whole lot of hydration. I almost feel like I don’t need moisturiser on top of this as it makes my skin feel so soft. It looks like fine lines have been ironed out.

It’s recommended to be applied before going to bed and one tube is enough for 45 applications or 1.5 months. Overall, my skin looks healthier, doesn’t look so dull and feels less dry in the mornings.

Clinelle™ Ingenius Optimizer Daily Booster retails at RM89.90/25ml.

Note : Product has been provided by EIG Pharma Asia Sdn Bhd for review.