Guest Review : Sephora Supreme Body Lotion


We all love our body lotions especially after bath time. Sephora’s house brand offers a myriad of bath and body products. The choices are endless as they comes in all sorts of scents. Generally, I’d say Sephora products are on the lower end and that makes it affordable to just about everyone. Sephora Supreme Body Lotion comes in 2 sizes and today’s review on the product is from Lynnett.

I want to let you in on a little secret of mine – I love Sephora. Okay, that probably makes half of the Malaysian women population but I really love Sephora for all the fabulous products they have in-store. I just love going in there, walk around and look at all the goodies in there! I especially love Sephora because I found UK brand Soap & Glory there, my latest favourite bodycare brand.

Several months ago, I discovered Sephora’s very own line of products to be amazing as well! You see, I was on a hunt for a reasonably-priced travel-size moisturiser for my two-week trip to Melbourne; I was not prepared to spend a bomb on something small and after a couple of weeks of searching, I was beginning to give up and I thought I’d just buy a container from Daiso and just transfer some of my current moisturiser in. So happened that I went shopping in Sephora that day and I decided to give myself one more time to look around for that moisturiser. The sales assistant recommended me one of their own-brand moisturisers which worked wonders to hydrate my skin in the cold Melbourne winter wind. Okay, I better stop raving about the moisturiser already; otherwise, you’d think Sephora’s paid me to advertise for them!

So, with all that raving of mine, you can only imagine how ecstatic I was when a Sephora product was part of the goodies I received to test. It was not love at first use for the Supreme Body Lotion though; I had some trouble unlocking the dispenser head and I spent some time turning it around to get the moisturiser out as there was no instruction whatsoever on the head or bottle.

Anyway, that aside, the moisturiser has a nice scent initially. However, right after application, it smells rather funny, like something rubbery or plasticky even but after letting it set in a little longer, the scent becomes pleasant again. A 200ml bottle can last you pretty long, I guess as you don’t need a lot toapply on your skin; 1-2 pumps per body part would do (I tried 3 pumps and it was too much for my arm. I know, I know, I’m a little greedy sometimes.


Texture-wise, it’s a little runny for my preference, mainly because it’s paraben-free I believe and I’ve noticed that many products that doesn’t have paraben or silicone tend to be a little watery. However, my partner loved the moisturiser when I let him try it so now it’s all his. I would say that the product is pretty unisex and the packaging is not feminine at all, not by my standards for sure. It’s also good for those who prefer a not-so-rich body moisturiser. It’s paraben-free if any of you are not a fan of paraben in any form. I personally don’t fancy it because of its texture but at the end of the day, it depends on your personal preference.

You’ve got to try it for yourself. Until next time!

Sephora Supreme Body Lotion retails at RM49/200ml and RM75/400ml.


Editor’s note : Thanks to Lynnett for the review and images. Product was provided by Sephora for review.