Cezanne Cosmetics Now Available At Selected Watsons Stores And Online Store


dsc_6140Cezanne Cosmetics has just been launched, it will be available at selected Watsons stores and online store. Cezanne’s beauty concept was created with a desire to cater to women around the world, providing high quality, affordable cosmetics made in Japan. Cezanne Cosmetics caters to the needs of modern women who wants to maintain gorgeousness day in, day out. With the brand’s ethos of “Safety & Beauty, Through Time & Eternity”, Cezanne Cosmetics products are developed with environmentally friendly containers. The brand also promotes product refills, are affordably priced, and its formulation is designed to be kind to the skin.


dsc_6141Cezanne Pearl Glow Highlight (available in Champagne Beige) highlights a lady’s facial features where the luminous pearl particles gives a radiant natural glow to the complexion. It is easily blended with any skin tone for a long-lasting brightness and shine. It contains ingredients that promote skin moisturizing such as Hyaluronic acid, Lavender Flower Extract, Chamomile Extract and Rosemary Leaf Extract. The Cezanne Pearl Glow Highlight retails at RM39.90.

For a natural blush, try Cezanne Natural Cheek N 16 in Cassis Rose, inspired by the blooming rose colour that suits all seasons. This blusher retails at RM27.90. For those who prefer to apply a richer mix of col0our to the cheeks, Cezanne Mix Colour Cheek in new Cocoa Red provides a more elegant and mature look, with a moist powder formulation to help keep moisture within the skin. Cezanne Mix Colour Cheek is priced at RM49.90.

For eyeshadow that is kind to the eyes, Cezanne Single Color Eyeshadow moisturizes and doesn’t cause dry eyelids. Its eyeshadow range contains microparticles for easy application with buttery smooth texture. Containing 5 types of beauty ingredients, namely Hyaluronic acid Na, Evening Primrose oil, Adansonia Digitata seed oil, Vivis Vinefera (Grape) Seed Oil and Rosa Canina Fruit Oil, the eyeshadow is available in Pearl Beige, a pearly glittery colour that gives the user’s eyes a bright finish, Nuance Pink gives a smoky eye finish, Matte Red, a matte color that suits every occasion and Clear Lame, acting as a gorgeous coat and simple in application. Each eyeshadow is priced at RM30.90.

To finish off a fab look, try Cezanne Lasting Lip Gloss priced at RM36.90. Presented in a classy gold coloured container, it is available in 101 Brown, a tinted texture for long-lasting results in a smooth and creamy sensation. While 501 Coral Orange is an oil serum for a [shiny finish. Containing 3 types of plant-derived ingredients Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and Olea Europaea Fruit Oil (Olive)] to keep the user’s lips moisturized.