Celebrity Fitness Lot 10 Celebrates Their 8th Year Anniversary



Last night Celebrity Fitness Lot 10 celebrated their 8th Year Anniversary with a fashion show by Adidas and Base Models, and a special guest performance by Malaysian award-winning body builder Mike. The highlight of the party was of course the fashion show but there was also supposed to be a lucky draw which turned out to be not a lucky draw because someone in their infinite wisdom or it could be the emcee himself who decided to change the format into a random picking of anyone present to ask them to describe Celebrity Fitness in 3 words. The prizes were goody bags from Celebrity Fitness and L’Oreal Professionnel.

At one point in time when he was distributing the L’Oreal Professionnel to selected people, I was hovering around him but of course I didn’t get picked. I do wish that when the programme states “lucky draw”, they really mean “lucky draw” and not change the format at their heart’s desire. Crestfallen, I went home empty-handed.




Of course, had I known that only celebrities and members of the gym would be selected to answer questions for the prizes, I would have gone home immediately after the fashion show instead of hanging around in a sweaty gym (air freshener is needed there) for 20 minutes thinking I could get lucky in a lucky draw that never happened.