beauMedic Hydramoist Glacier Facial @ Pearl Point Shopping Mall


20220816_101834It’s been years since I last went for a facial and my skin was feeling the neglect. Thanks to Shopee, I redeemed 700 coins for a beauMedic facial and I chose Pearl Point Shopping Mall as the outlet since it’s so near home. Before redeeming, I went to the outlet to ask what the facial is all about. They were very busy and I was just told it’s a deep cleaning facial. They handed me a card with the contact numbers of all their outlets and asked me to WhatsApp or call for an appointment.

After redeeming the voucher, I WhatsApp-ed for an appointment which was confirmed very fast. The day before the appointment, they called to remind me and to ask me to bring my MyKad for registration. I always feel that with service providers like these, it’s unnecessary for them to ask customers to produce their MyKad. After all, it’s not a police station or hospital.

My appointment was yesterday morning, their earliest appointment. The beautician was nice and friendly. After she had registered me, I was ushered into one of their small consultation rooms at the reception area. She explained about the facial, offered me a cup of very nice chrysanthemum tea. Then off to the facial room (there are 6 facial rooms).


I changed into the pink robe, there’s a cupboard with key which you can keep your bag & they thoughtfully provide a plastic bag for your mask. The blanket here is much better than the piece of thin cloth some other facial salons provide. This is quite a basic facial with double cleansing, extraction without the use of steamer (because the beautician said their scrub does the trick of opening up pores), eyebrow trimming, face and shoulder massage and finally, a mask.

The best parts of the facial are the extraction of blackheads and other impurities as well as the face/shoulder massage. During the process, the beautician asked if I would like to add on a guasa procedure for RM88 as it would help with brightening (promotes blood circulation) and lifting. That would be an additional RM88. I passed on that and she asked me if I could tell her why, was it the price factor? It was but I think I got away without saying so.

During the mask, I must have fallen asleep a little. It felt rather snug under that blanket. After the facial, ushered into the consultation room again. I was asked if I could leave them a review on Google and they would offer 50% off their facial package. I left them a review but I passed on the package which was RM700+ after the discount.