Art Deco Makeup Is Now Available At Sasa



Walking past Sasa MidValley this morning, I almost missed my makeup discovery of the month were it not for the fact that I looked up and spotted my long-time makeup guru who is now Sasa’s Chief Makeup Artist. He introduced me to the latest make-up brand, just been in Sasa for the past 2 months. I haven’t been in a Sasa outlet that long?

Yes, Art Deco Makeup from Germany is in town. It’s a brand that is quite well known in Europe, it’s even available at Debenhams UK. It has a wide range of products and shades ranging from nail polish to brushes, all at affordable prices.


The eyeshadows come in matte, shimmer and pearl textures. All have good colour pay-off and there are also mineral eyeshadows. The non-mineral eyeshadows are just RM19 each and I was sorely tempted to pick up some of them as they are currently having a 10% discount on all Art Deco products.




I swatched the eyeshadows again and again as I really liked the shimmer ones, so pretty especially the natural shades. There’s a refillable case which you can fill up with at least 3 eyeshadows of your choice. The eyeshadow base is their best-selling product and it was sold out! They have a lash booster and lash growth activator, they look like mascaras.


Another product I was sorely tempted to take home was the nail polish as the colours are quite attractive and these Ceramic Nail Lacquers were seriously catching my eye and heart. The only dampener is the price because it’s RM39 for a mere 6ml. Sally Hansen nail lacquer is the same price but theirs is over 14ml!

If you love checking out new make-up brands, you know where to go!


  1. not sure if these is available at all Sasa or only Sasa MidValley? 😀 will check them out when I pass by. haha. the eye shadows seem quite pigmented 😀