Wheat Germ Oil Rich Organic Aid®



OrganicAid® is one brand I have seen frequently at drugstores and always wanted to try a product from the brand as I knew that wheat germ oil is the key ingredient in the products and it’s known as being a rich source of Vitamin E (255mg/100g). According to Wikipedia, it has the highest content of vitamin E of any food that has not undergone prior preparation or vitamin fortification. Vitamin E is one of the most powerful antioxidants which help fight free radicals that cause skin dryness, fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes and pigmentation.

The range of OrganicAid® products have been formulated to help fight the first signs of aging, lighten scars due to acne or burns, increase skin elasticity and reduce stretch marks, soften dry and sunburned skin, gently neutralizes oily skin and help remedy skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis.


Cleansing Foam 55gm/RM15.90


P1210387(1)This is the ideal size to take along when travelling, it fits snugly in any cosmetics pouch and I believe I can stretch this to at least 2 weeks’ use. I didn’t need much product to create the foam you see in the image above. It’s a gentle foam that doesn’t strip my skin of moisture yet removed my make-up very well.


Scrub Cream 28gm/RM26.90


Doesn’t it look more like a moisturizer in the tub? That’s because the grains are really fine. I think it’d be ideal for sensitive skins as it doesn’t feel harsh at all although I can feel it working to exfoliate and my skin does feel smoother after it has been rinsed off.


Moisturizing Cream 28gm/RM16.90


Of the 3 products, I liked this rich and thick moisturizer the least as it’s just too concentrated for me. I used too much the first time and it was so difficult to absorb into my skin. It felt uncomfortable and waxy. I just felt like wiping it all off. I think this moisturizer might be a bit too dense for our humid climate and personally I would prefer a lighter textured moisturizer. However, if you have very dry skin or are living in a cold climate, you just might benefit from this cream.

Products have been provided for review. Cleansing Foam & Moisturizing Cream are available in larger sizes at RM26.90 & RM36.90 respectively.