Armchair Retail Therapy That Brightens Up The Day


dsc_9780There’s this daily live show I watch on Shopee which is quite fascinating. The shop sells jewelry such as bangles/bracelets, pendants, rings, anklets. Generally the pieces are not expensive, mostly below RM50 but there are some that cost around RM165. I am amazed with the energy of the host as they can go on for hours and their sales must be really good as I notice viewers buying almost every minute. The pace is very fast and I almost put in an order a few days ago but I missed the boat as other viewers are much faster than me in ordering. Some of the pieces are in very limited quantity.

I ordered a pendant with chain from a seller in China last week and it arrived yesterday. The price is nelow RM19 and as expected, the design is lovely as it’s in the shape of a cheongsam blouse.


The chain and the pendant were packed separately within a nice box. Although the chain is rather short, it can be used with a longer chain. The price is very reasonable for such a cute piece.


screenshot_20210524-123624The pendant comes in white and green.