AEON Fashion Preview June23 Edition : Largest Fashion Show Of Individuality And Self-Expression

AEON Fashion Preview June23 Edition : largest participation of a fashion show

More than 500 personalities were crowdsourced to take on the runway of the AEON Fashion Preview June23 Edition at IOI City Mall in Putrajaya. The Malaysia Book of Records were present to validate and record this as the largest participation of a fashion show. Each personality projected their own style and personal branding, transcending boundaries of trends to represent access and diversity in social expressions as well as inventiveness.

The thematic fashion capsules presented during the AFP June23 edition were signature pieces of AEON’s exclusive SCAR, Puteri, Arcadia, M, ti:zed, inner casual iC, Agenda, Suave, Guys’ Vision, +Collection, Scarlet inners, JKids and Crème.

Thematic fashion capsules
Lots of child models
Men’s casualwear

These included the unconventional linen to defy structured silhouette with its lightweight and breathable fabric is perfect for warm weather; the timeless and versatile denim-on-denim; sportswear that combines style and functionality; career wear that has changed so much; and travel wear with lightweight knits. There was also maternity fashion to celebrate the changing body needs; kids’ pajamas with fun prints to take the nights to a new level of adventure as well as anime fashion to pay homage to our favourite characters.

Low Ngai Yuen, the Chief Merchandise and Marketing Officer, expressed AEON’s resolute and commitment to the inclusive fashion movement, “AEON wholeheartedly embraces individuals from all walks of life, firmly believing that fashion should be accessible to everyone— hence the public crowdsourcing plays a big part in this round of AFP.”

She added, “As a retailer catering to everyday people and their essential clothing needs, AEON celebrates in the richness of diversity and empowers individuals to fully embrace their personal style. The aim is to ignite a strong sense of confidence, encouraging people to fearlessly embrace the mantra of #ownwhatyouwear, be proud to be #you, and cherish the power of #individuality.”

To further take alliance to the next level, AEON collaborated with Comic Fiesta, the country’s leading authority with the largest community following in all things anime and comic con, to launch the AEON Anime Fest for the first time. This festival features a strong range of monthly anime t-shirt releases starting with Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer, to be followed by Naruto and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Ensuring access for fashion is in line with AEON’s efforts in championing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal – 8 and 15, focusing to promote a peaceful and inclusive society for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective responsible and inclusive institutions at all levels; as well as protecting, restoring and promoting sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems.

Trendy Travelwear
Kids’ pajamas

Some details of AEON’s exclusives:

Japan’s innercasual, iC
innercasual or iC promises top quality with sustainability high on agenda featuring size and age inclusive – all while staying accessibly priced and budget friendly to be true to its everyday-good-value mantra. The brand intends to set its motion in Malaysia by introducing 3 distinctive styles: the fun and functional ActiveWear; the exciting technology to enhance lifestyle’s PeaceFit, as well as the Sustainable fashion range

Made to express is Scar’s identity – every person is empowered to wear Scar however they wish and with exploration high on its agenda, Scar showcased tie-dye, crop flutter-layers and personalized unexpected detailing as the season’s preferred look.

Our modest range that champions relaxation and trend effortlessly. Also comes with Muslimah swimwear, garbed with stylish chiffon outerwear.

Every size is beautiful being the brand’s core value.

Arcadia that offers a wide range of timeless styles. Linen tops and pants with neutral, earthy tones and embroidery detailing make each collection a keepsake.

Comfort at its best for mothers! Wrinkle-free, machine-knit for lightweight fabric and nursing-friendly; M is known for its best-selling maternity pants in addition to convenient nursing tops, dresses and skirts.

This brand screams must-haves: the handy knit essentials that is easy to throw into the overnight bag such as the stylish hoodies and pullovers for men, and easy to manage cotton printed shirt-dresses for any sudden occasion.

Guys’ Vision
Men’s casualwear designed with the end in mind – long lasting wearability, easy-care and quintessential staying power that complements any personal style.