Adidas Mid Year Bazaar



Today is the media preview for the Adidas Mid Year Bazaar which is open to the public from tomorrow till this weekend at Viva Expo Hall. I arrived with shopping companion in tow at 9.40am (I’d forgotten that doors open at 11am, thought it was 10am) and there were less than 20 people in the queue. We queued up between a guy and a group of 3 ladies.

I didn’t have the admission passes with me as I was supposed to collect them from the brand’s PR there and she hadn’t arrived yet. I thought I’d better inform one of the staff there that I was there on a media invitation just in case they allowed us in earlier and my passes hadn’t arrived yet. The staff asked me to follow her into the hall and I was thinking that I was lucky but as I was starting to look at the goods, she informed me that we’d only be allowed in at 11 and that we were to go back outside. Okay, that was fine except we’d lost our place in the queue with the group of 3 ladies ahead of us. Not that it mattered that much but this group had friends and one by one, they started to cut queue in front of us without looking even slightly apologetic. That meant having to make more space each time one of them cut in front of us.

Now I can overlook 2 people cutting queue but when 5 people joined the group of 3 ladies, I think that was a bit too much. Shopping companion lost patience and said something about so many of them cutting in front of us whereupon one of the queue cutters said that there were only 2 of them who cut queue as if we can’t count and another lady said that she joined the queue because one of them was holding her admission pass. Er…..even if someone is holding your admission pass, you can join the queue from the back, no? I guess that’s what makes we Malaysian so unique, we think nothing of queue cutting even if an entire busload comes in front of you. This is something that would never be tolerated in more civilized societies.

Then PR arrived and I was handed the passes. She made arrangements with Adidas for PR to be in another queue. Ha! Take that and goodbye, queue cutters. I don’t have to be behind you and your entire village any more. This is indeed one of those days when I am thankful for media privilege.



Prices are very reasonable as nothing is above RM109 and t-shirts (even Adidas Originals) are RM30.



This is part of my haul:-




There were lots of shoppers with bags full to the brim with attire. I wonder if they were shopping for the whole year. Good bargains to be had there for men, women and children.


  1. Hi, are there any football boots laying around there? and maybe i could ask if those boots were first grade or not?